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Can you name the Leukemia&Lymphoma?

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Buzz wordsNameExtra Info
excess IgM
Fibrotic BM
NHL t(14:18)
>1000 monocytes
anemia w/ blasts
JAKneg, t(9:22)
MDS with mult cells lines
Chronic Leukemia, LPD
HL, under 35, great prog
only Platelets elevated
NHL, IgG and IgM.
NHL blast cells
Buzz wordsNameExtra Info
Most common HL in adults, best prog
NHL. 3 types
Disseminated HL
TRAP stain
CD5, no CD23
Most Differentiated LPD, paraproteinemia, kappa?lambda
HL, 2nd most common, ok prog
Transfusion dept, RA/RARS
NHL, IgM only. t(8:14)
CD5 and CD23
ringed sideroblasts
CD5 w/ Richter's Transformation, AIHA, ITP poss.

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