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CategoryGeneric NameTrade/Use/(Tox)
Muscle RelaxantNMS, malig hyperthermia, serotonin syndrome, spacity a/w MS and CP
PhenothiazineThorazine. Low Pot D2 Antag. Schizo, Mania. (M fx, EPS, TD, prolactinemia)
PhenothiazineTrilafon. Med Pot D2 Antag.
PhenothiazinePhenergan. AE (H1 & M Antag too) Preop sed. N/V, motion sick, Allerg Rxn.
ButyrophenoneHaldol. High Pot D2 antag. Schz. Mania, Tourrettes (EPS, TD, prolactinemia)
AAPZyprexa. 5HT2A antag. D2 block. Schz, mania, AD, PD. (Endocrine d/o, Wt gain, HL, insulin resist)
AAPRisperdal. Most D2 block of AAPs. (EPS!!!)
AAPAbilify. Partial D2 block, low EPS risk. Tx Major Depression.
AAPClozapil. Very effective, but rarely used b/c of side fx. Sig H1 block too. Sedative, Tx N/V (dec Sz threshold, agranulocytosis, myocarditis)
AAPGeodon. D2/NE/5HT. (black box elderly psychosis. LQT, NMS, TD, c/p, erectile dsfx)
Strong Opiate Agonist(const, w/d, CI in: biliary, ICP, Resp Dep, & RF)
Strong Opiate AgonistSublimaze, Duragesic. (N/V/D, const, drymouth, wkns, dyspepsia, aphasia).
Strong Opiate AgonistDilaudid.
Strong Opiate AgonistDemerol. Some antimusc so less miosis. Postop shivering. Tough on kidneys. Serotinergic, ct w/ serotonin synd.
Strong Opiate AgonistDolophine.
Moderate Opiate AgModerate prototype. Mu, variable Kappa and Delta
Moderate Opiate AgOxycontin, Percocet (+tyl).
Moderate Opiate AgVicodin (+tyl)
Weak Opiate AgDarvon. Dangerous in OD, may not be better than placebo.
CategoryGeneric NameTrade/Use/(Tox)
Partial Opiate Agpartial Mu only. Less abuse &resp dprsn. Long t1/2. Tx Dpndc. (abstinence syn, inc pain in tolerant Pts)
Opiate AntagNarcan, antag. Also works in placebo analgesia.
Antitussive OpiateRobitussin/tussin/nyquil, dimetapp. (SIDS, rash/itch, N/V, hallucin, mydriasis, DB,
Antidiarrheal OpiateLomotil. AD. Synthetic, limited/no CNS fx or analgesia.
Antidiarrheal OpiateImodium. AD. Synthetic, limited/no CNS fx or analgesia.
Opiate Receptor TypeM/c drug trgt. Supraspinal & Spinal. (phys depndc, analgesia, miosis, N/V, Resp Dep, euphoria, Const)
Opiate Receptor TypeSpinal only. Good analgesia only in women. (miosis, sedation)
Opiate Receptor Typenot useful analgesia. Acive research b/c No tolderance fx.
Alpha 2 agonistCatapres. Tx opiate w/d. (S/sx of w/d syn=rhinorrhea, lacrimation, hyperthermia, chills, aches, N/V/D, anxiety, hostility, insomnia)
LevodopaPD. (HoTN, dyskinesia!, wearing off phenom, cognitive/behavioral)
D3 AgPD. (N/V/oHoTN, less dyskinesias)
D2 AgPD. (N/V/oHoTN, less dyskinesias)
D2 AgErgot deriv = alpha, 5HT & D. PD. (N/V/oHoTN, less dyskinesias)
MAOiMAO-Bi. PD, when +c/ carbidopa & Ldopa. (5HT syn, HTN crisis)
COMTiPD w/ carbidopa & Ldopa. (Ldopa tox worsening)
Anti AChPD tremor/rigidity ( mydriasis, dry mouth
AntiviralShort term 6-8wk PD, prob via NMDA. (Depresn, restless, pyschosis, confusion, Sz)

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