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Classgeneric nameTrade. Use or Misc info (Tox)
BDZ GeneralBenzOften, open chan more often. Anxiety, periop sedation. Tox: (lethargy, somnia, stupor, antero amnesia, tolerance/depnd, CNS dprsn)
BDZXanax. Gen Anxiety
BDZLibrium, Librax. Tx: Physcl Depdnc W/D
BDZKlonopin. Gen Anxiety, best Chr Sz, BPD.
BDZValium. Tx: Sz, Physcl Depdnc
BDZAtivan. Does not form metabolites. Tx: Sz, BPD, Phys Depdnc
BDZShort acting, rapid onset, anesthetsia
BDZDoes not form metabolites (skips Phase I)
BDZRestoril. Sleep, Hypnotic.
BDZHalcion. Sleep. (lethargy, somnia, stupor, antero amnesia, tolerance/depnd, CNS dprsn)
BDZ AntagRomazicon. Caution: Reserve ICO Stim+BDZ OD, & it will block Tx of SZ if BDZ depdnt Pt
Barbituate GeneralOpens GABA Cl- chann longer, INDUCE CYP 450 & ALA Synthase. Less selective than BDZ. GABA-ergic at high conc. Block Na and Glu receptrs. (CNS Deprsn, OD risk, porphyria)
BarbituateLuminal. LA. CYP450 INDUCER. 2nd line Sz (same as BDZ + inc ALA synthase LT porphyria, rare-hematotox)
BarbituateSA. CYP450 INDUCER. (same as BDZ + inc ALA synthase LT porphyria)
Classgeneric nameTrade. Use or Misc info (Tox)
BarbituatePentothal. short acting (SA). CYP450 INDUCER. Very lipophil, love brain. Gen Anesth. (same as BDZ + inc ALA synthase LT porphyria)
Mood StabTegretol. Acute BPD Mania. Focal Sz. CYP450 INDUCER, (diplopia, ataxia, aplastic anemia, GI upset, teratogen)
Mood StabLamictal. M/c bipolar. Acute BPD mania. CYP450 INDUCER, (Rash, ataxia, GI upset, diplopia, teratogen, Stevens Johnson Syn)
Mood StabEskalith. Inhibit PIP2, NE and Dop release. Renal Exc. No Diuretics or NSAIDs! (polys, wt gain, acne, diarrhea, teratogen)
Mood StabDepakote. Acute and Maint BPD. Abscense Sz.. Pri choice > Lithium. (N/V, Wt Gain, alopecia, abd pain, hep tox, teratogen, rare-fulminant hep)
AAPZyprexa. Antag D2, 5HT2, alpha. BPD Dprsn w/ Prozac. (Wt gain, DM2, LQT, hyperprolactinemia, HL, confusion)
AAPSeroquel. Antag D2, 5HT2, alpha. BPD Dprsn. (Wt gain, DM2, LQT, hyperprolactinemia, HL, confusion)
AEZarontin. Abscense Sz. (N, anorexia, drows, rash)
AEKeppra. Sz. Neuopath pain, Tourette. (psycho, hairloss, sensory, depressn, irratibilty)
AEDilantin. Sz. Give slowly. (nystagmus, ataxia, drows, gingival hyperplasia, endocrine: hirsutism, osteomal, DI, hyperglycemia)
AlcoholRapid onset hypnotic in Old and sedation in kids. Tx Insomia, presurg Anx)
AlcoholTx of methanol & EthGlycol OD. (CNS Deprs, delirium)
NBDZSonata. t1/2 1 hr. CYP450 (same BDZ)
NBDZAmbien. t1/2 3 hr. CYP450 (same BDZ + somnambulance)
NBDZLunesta. t1/2 6 hr. CYP450 (same BDZ)

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