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Can you name the Anti-retrovirals?

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classnamename, use, (tox)
NRTI(LA, Fatty Liver Dz + bone marrow sup)
NRTI(LA, Fatty Liver Dz + skin hyperpig)
NRTIChr HBV and HIV. Only NucleoTIDE. (LA, Fatty Liver Dz + Farting and Failure (renal)))
NRTI(LA, Fatty Liver Dz + Dizziness, least tox)
NNRTI(Rash & Liver. SJS, TEN, LFTs + teratogen)
NNRTI(Rash & Liver. SJS, TEN, LFTs)
Protease Inhbalways combo w/ rito. CYP450inhb. (DDI and Cushings-like syn, HL-trigly)
Protease Inhbalways combo w/ lopin. BAD CYP450inhb!! (DDI and Cushings-like syn, HL-trygl)
classnamename, use, (tox)
Fusion Inhbbinds HR1 hydrophobic groove when gp41 extended. (hypersensitivty)
Integrase Inhbblocks divalent Mg, Mn binding to host DNA/integrase interface region. (myopathy, rhabdo)
CCR-5bings CCR5 and blocks gp120. Only works on R5 tropomisms. CXCR40 is alt recetr. If R40 or dual trop, doesn't work. (Liver, cytokines that bind CCR5 block)
CombosTEE up the atripla. tenofovir, emtricitabine, efavirenz
Combos(Ct w/ rifampin for HIV/TB. CYP450 ddi -> subthera lvls of PI -> worse HIV)
Comboszidovudine, lamivudine,
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