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CategoryDrug NameExtra Info
Group IACordarone. Grp IA, II, III, IV (optic Neu, thy, PF, liver)
Group IAGrp IA and III (Hep, Agranul, SLE)
Group IAGrp IA and III (cinchonism, TCP)
Group IBNEO SVA (CNS Excite)
Group ICTambocor. VT/VF & WPW (arrhy, CNS Excite)
Beta AgonistB1>>>B2>>>>>>>A1
Beta AgonistHardly used, always causes TC (MI, PE, Trem)
Beta 1 AgonistA1, A2 & B1 (MI, PE, local ischemia)
Beta 2 AgonistAsthma, Bronchodil, (TC, tremor)
Group IIGrp IA, II, III, IV (optic Neu, thy, PF, liver)
Group IITenormin. B1B, No CNS (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IICoreg. HTN, HF, racmc mix of A1B & BB (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IIB1B (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IIsome alpha blocker (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IILopressor. B1B (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IIAlso Partial Agonist (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IIalso has Grp I traits (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IIBetapace. VT & maint NSR in AF. Grp II & III, (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IIglaucoma (no local anesthtc effct) (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Group IIIGrp IA, II, III, IV (optic Neu, thy, PF, liver)
Group IIIAF conversion, PO only, NEO VA (polymorph VT post CardVers)
Group IIIGrp IA and III (Hep, Agranul, SLE)
Group IIIGrp IA and III (cinchonism, TCP)
Group IIIVT & maint NSR in AF. Grp II & III
CategoryDrug NameExtra Info
Group IVGrp IA, II, III, IV (optic Neu, thy, PF, liver)
Group IVCardizem. NEO VA
Group IVBlocks L-chan, VasoDil, (Constiptn, CV Depress) (NEO VA)
Misc Anti Arrhythmic(flushng/bronchospsm, CP, HA)
Misc Anti Arrhythmic(prorhythmic, Cardiac Arrest)
Misc Anti Arrhythmic(resp paralysis)
Direct SympathomimeticB1>>>B2>>>>>>>A1
Direct SympathomimeticA1=A2, B1=B2
Direct Sympathomimetic
Indirect SympathomimeticADHD, Anorexiant, Narcoleptic, NA (Arrhy, HTN, psych)
Indirect Sympathomimeticlocal/vasoconstrictor (convulsions)
Alpha Agonist
Alpha 1 AgonistB1>>>B2>>>>>>>A1
Alpha 1 AgonistA1>>>A2 (Stoke/MI)
Alpha 2 AgonistHTN, Also sedative (rebound HTN)
Alpha BlockerAB/BB (arrhy, HF, AVB, asthma)
Alpha Blockerpheochromocytoma (Reflex TC, ortho HoTN)
Alpha Blockerpheochromocytoma. Irrvrsbl, (Reflex TC & ortho HoTN)
Alpha 1 BlockerCoreg. AB/BB (Reflex TC & ortho HoTN)
Alpha 1 BlockerBPH (Ref TC & ortho HoTN)
 Flomax. BPH (oHoTN)
Alpha 1 BlockerMinipress, Pressin. HTN, BPH (Ref TC & ortho HoTN)

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