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ClassNameTrade/Uses/Misc (Tox)
AntacidAlka Seltzer. GERD, dyspepsia, cheap, OTC (met alk, bloating [inc CO2], Na Load [if CHF/HTN])
AntacidTUMS, Rolaids [Ca/Mg mix). Ca supl, GERD, dyspepsia, cheap, OTC (HyprCa, Constipatn, Stones, less bloating)
AntacidMilk of Mg, Rolaids [Ca/Mg mix) laxative, GERD, dyspepsia, cheap, OTC (Osm Diarrhea, HyprMg, less bloat)
AntacidRare, Diarrhea, GERD, dyspepsia (Constipation, if CKD LT dementia & bone dz)
H2RBTagamet. Rvrsbl, fast onset, q 4-8hrs, GERD, PUD, dyspep, ICU stress gastritis (D vs Const, HA, HoTN, BC, long term= B12 def, P450, Elderly Delirium, Gynecomast, Impotence)
H2RBZantac, Tri-Tec. longr DOA so qd/bid, GERD, PUD, dyspep, ICU stress gastritis (B12 def, D vs Const, HA, HoTN, BC, Tox & P450
H2RBAxid. See Ranitidine.
H2RBPepcid. See Ranitidine.
PPILosec. See Ranitidine.
PPIPrevacid. >omeprazole, VS t1/2, active Parietal Cells only, req 3 days full fx. 2nd line GERD, 1st erosive GERD, dyspep, prevnt ICU stress gastritis (long term B12 def, No P450 Fx, diarr, H/A, Derm, abd pain, osteopor, inc risk of C. difficile infxn, may dec fx of clopidogrel)
PPIAciphex. See Lansoprazole.
PPIProtonix. See Lansoprazole.
PPINexium. See Lansoprazole.
Mucosal Protective6hr DOA, sucrose salt+AlOH3, mech unk, Avoid in RF, (Al tox if ARF/CKD)
Bismuth SubsalicylatePepto Bis. protective & Dir action vs H. pylori. Traveler's Diarr (neurotox in LARGE doses, black tongue, black stool)
Anti-Emetic, D-RACompazine. AE. Sedative. Also block Ach/H2 (EPS= tongue protusion, rigidity, sedation, disorient, hallucin)
Anti-Emetic, D-RAPhenergan. AE. Sedative. Also block Ach/H2 (EPS= tongue protusion, rigidity, sedation, disorient, hallucin)
Anti-Emetic, 5-HT4RA, ProkineticReglan. 1-2hr DOA, inc LES tone and Gastric Emptying. Gastroparesis, CINV. (Dop Block LT neuropsych/deprsn, anx, insomnia, etc. EPS: Parkinsn like, Tardive dyskinesia, Galactorrhea, Gynceomast, Menses disord)
Octapeptide, Somatostatin like)1.5hr DOA. Varices, Chr Secrtry Diarrh, carcinoid/VIPoma. Dec Portal/Splanch Q (N/V, Abd Pain, gas, diarr, Hyper/Hypoglyc)
Anti-Emetic, ButyrophenoneHaldol. At AE doses, highly sedative.
Anti-Emetic, ButyrophenoneInapsine. At AE doses, highly sedative.
Anti-Emetic, substituted BenzamideTigan. Dopamine Blockade. (EPS)
Anti-Emetic, 5-HT3 RB Serotonin BlockersZofran. CINV, post op antiemetic (constipation)
ClassNameTrade/Uses/Misc (Tox)
Anti-Emetic, 5-HT3 RB Serotonin BlockersKytril. CINV, post op antiemetic (constipation)
Anti-Emetic, BenzodiazepineAtivan. a/ chemo, prevent emesis, antianxiety.
Anti-Emetic, BenzodiazepineValium. a/ chemo, prevent emesis, antianxiety.
Anti-Emetic, AntihistamineBenadryl. Weak AE. EPS Sz, Motion Sick, Sedative (sleepy, H/a, const, diaphoresis, dysuria, epigast pain)
Anti-Emetic, CannabinoidsN/V, apetite stim, antianxiety (euphoria, sedatn, hallucin, dry mouth, HoTN, munchies)
Anti-Emetic, CannabinoidsMarinol, PO. N/V, apetite stim, antianxiety (euphoria, sedation, hallucin, dry mouth, HoTN, munchies)
Anti-Emetic, CorticosteroidsCINV
Anti-Emetic, CorticosteroidsCINV
Anti-Emetic, Neurokinin-1 R-BEmend. Only for Highly CINV, lim efficacy, but enhances serotinin ANTagonists & corticosteroids
Laxative - Bulk FormingMetamucil. LIke Methylcellulose. Basically Fiber. 1-3 days to initiate BM
Laxative - Stool SoftenerColace. Detergent. Soften Stool.
Laxative - StimulantEx-Lax/Ducolax. Like Castor oii. Stim electrolyet secretion & inc propulsion.
Laxative - OsmoticMilk of Mg. Saline Osmotic.
Laxative - OsmoticNon-absorbale sugar. Also Lactulose.
Laxative - OsmoticGoLYTELY. 4L/2hr a/ Clonoscopy. Small doses can keep stool soft.
Cholinomimetic - ProkineticGastoparesis, but not used much b/c of side fx (SLUDGE).
Antidiarrheal - OpiodLomotil. +atropine to counter tox & Inc AD fx. No anelgesia fx at nl dose.
Antidiarrheal - OpiodImmodium. Prolongs transit time LT Inc time for H2O absorb.
Antimuscarinic, AntispasmodicIBD
5-HT3 RBWomen with IBD. Dec visceral sensitivty. (Isch Colitis?)
5-ASAIBD. SIm as Pentasa an Asacol. Like ASA, but Fx prob not via PGs.
5-ASAIBD. Like Balsalazide and Olsalazine. Req Colonic Bacteria to activate. Trgt Colon.

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