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CategoryDrug NameInfo
Antiplatelet (COX Inhib)PAD, MI, CVA. irrev/fast act, so more EC COX II fx seen. (Gi/Renal dam)
Antiplatelet (ADP Receptor Inhib)Plavix. LD req a/ PCI. Irrev. Those w/ CYP450 2C19 allele non-rsponsve. Poss +PPI intractions, but could be protective for bleeding. (neutropenia, TTP)
Antiplatelet (ADP Receptor Inhib)(Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, limited Use b/c Tox)
Antiplatelet (ADP Receptor Inhib)Brillinta. Dec Mort vs Clop. ACS. Not prodrug, so less CYP450 depend
Antiplatelet (ADP Receptor Inhib)ACS. Not depd't on CYP450
Antiplatelet (gpIIb/IIIa Inhib)RePro. p/PCI
Antiplatelet (gpIIb/IIIa Inhib)Aggrastat p/PCI, US-Ang, NSTEMI. NOT forThrombosis
Antiplatelet (gpIIb/IIIa Inhib)Integrilin p/PCI, US-Ang, NSTEMI. NOT forThrombosis
Anticoagulant (UF Heparin)DVT, PE, Some Trauma, p/Surg, USA, MI, CV Stroke only. Renal Elim. Binds Throm & Xa. IV only (HIT, TCP))
Anticoagulant (LMW Heparin)Lovenox, Xa Only. SQ/IV. Renal Elim. NRA. (TCP)
Anticoagulant (Thrombin Inhib)Angiomax w/ASA d/ PCI ideal. NRA.
CategoryDrug NameInfo
Anticoagulant (Thrombin Inhib)Refludan. HIT. NRA.
Anticoagulant (Thrombin Inhib)Pradaxa, Afib CVA prevnt (better>Warf)
Anticoagulant (Xa Inhib)Arixtra. Xa only. SQ/IV. Renal Elim, Long t1/2. NRA.
Anticoagulant (Xa Inhib)Orgaran. Used in HIT, some soures consider LMW Hep, but diff struct, hence HIT use.
Anticoagulant (VKOR Inhib)Coumadin. DVT, Valve Dis, Afib. Slow onst. CYP450 Depd't. PO/IV, Cross-placnta, but Breast fdg ok. Amio Inhb warf metab. (Skin Necros, thrmbsis)
Thrombolytic Activase. 10 min t1/2 DVT, PE, MI, Ischmc Stroke
Thrombolytic DVT, PE, MI, Ischmc Stroke
Thrombolytic DVT, PE, MI, Ischmc Stroke
Thrombolytic (non enzymatic)DVT, PE. 80 min t1/2. Antigenic, so LD Req. (Anaphylxs)
Reversal AgentFrom Enteric Bacteria
Reversal AgentFish Sperm Basic Protein, + Charge, Neut - Charge Hep

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