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Can you name the characters and terms in The Declaration?

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In the book...Character and term
She is a surplus and the narrator of the story
The drug that allows you to live forever
He arrived at Grange Hall as a Pending
She believes her parents love her and will come take her away
Contract that says you can have no children unless you Opt Out
The Asch Experiment was meant to test what kind of pressure?
She is the House Matron
What is another word for Mind Control?
In the book...Character and term
In what year does the novel take place?
What is it called when you get all new cells to replace your old ones?
What does Anna hide in the bathroom?
A person who shouldn't have been born is called a...
Who is more awesome, Mrs. V or Ms. Lusk?
Who has more shoes, Mrs. V or Ms. Lusk?
Who gave fire to humans?

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