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Can you name the four letter words in this Pokémon themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Psychic/Flying, evolves from #2 [II]
Psychic/Flying, evolves into #1 [II]
Short for Nathan
Friend, pal or partner
Lion's hair
Not yours
A flirtatious person
Something that brings bad luck
Ice/Psychic [I]
A medium sized wild cat
Collins and a Fire Emblem character
Device to focus light, like on a camera
Grant someone the use of something
Post, mail
Plant reproduction method
Water [I]
Animal above is based off of
Expression: to sail the seven ____
Makes stitches
Cuts, slices
Fighting [V]
Bird of prey
Listen, draw attention to
Umbreon's type
Like a nerd, or geek
Ship loading point
Bonsly's type
Corner chess piece
Peter Pan's nemesis
Hint4-Letter Word
Fire/Flying [II]
Winnie the ____
Refined, dignified
Shove, jostle
Flow rapidly
A basic Flying type attack
One of the deadly sins
Series of tasks to complete
One of the Simpsons
Capital of Peru
Citrus fruit
Seconds, minutes, hours
Grow weary
Growlithe's type
Cost, price
Public function usually to raise funds
A type of cheese
Second letter of the Greek Alphabet
Pollinating insects
Alcoholic beverage
Lowers Defence by one stage
Related to onions
Disclosure of secret information
Bird's mouth
Kidney shaped legume
Outer layer of cereal grain
Your parent's mother
Hint4-Letter Word
Smile, beam
Half of Game Grumps
Rock/Steel [III]
80s movie about digital motorcycles
Like Bugs or Mickey
Split, ripped
Rotate, twist
Grass, or grass substitute
A chapter of the Qur'an
Lucario, the ____ Pokémon
Psychic [I]
Swedish pop group
Short for Abigail
Skillfully, competently
Comrade, companion
____ well that ends well
Lagers, pints
Lines about which an object turns
Dragon [V]
Once more, again
Was made aware of
Present tense of above
Tie or bow
Close group: tightly ____
A single portion
Family of operating systems
Rock/Ground [I]

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