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Given two word definitions, can you name the longest sub-word that ends both words?

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DefinitionsEnding WordDefinition of Word
a female sheep
indebted to
an absence of pigment in the skin
a large wooden instrument housing strings struck with mallets
a tool to make holes by revolving
at rest, motionless
a game where some object is guided to a goal with curved sticks
an inappropriately pitched note
a collection or combination of things, usually made into art
remove troops from an area of conflict
a crowd's praise after a performance
to steep in water or soak, usually with regard to tea
to send abroad
keep from falling, uphold
pronounce holy
having no valuable purpose
gather or place in order
the roof of the mouth
comply with rules
deliver actions, usually on stage
communicated or told
having keen sight, observant
someone who is shipwrecked
an inland passage accommodating ships
plants which face the sun OR a light purple colour
a part of the circus on which an acrobat balances high in the air
to seek out or quest after
to beg or entreat
presiding over, directing (eg. a meeting)
fixing or mending
an idea that consistently pervades a person's mind
the act or state of owning something again

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