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Can you name the real-world locations mentioned in Pokemon?

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HintGeographical Location
In the movie 'Mewtwo Strikes Back', Jessie and James disguise themselves as raiders from which European geographical region?
Arcanine's HeartGold Pokedex entry states 'This legendary _______ Pokémon is considered magnificent. Many people are enchanted by its grand mane.' Which country has been omitted?
Which South American country was Mew discovered in?
Ponyta's FireRed Pokedex entry states 'Its body is light, and its legs are incredibly powerful. It can clear Ayers Rock in one leap.' In which country is this structure located?
The movie Pokemon Heroes is set in Alto Mare, drawing inspiration from which Italian city?
A Spearow traded to you in the Generation 2 games (and their remakes) is nicknamed after an African country. What is its name?
Regice's Emerald Pokedex entry states 'Its entire body is made of _________ ice.' Which continent is missing from the statement?
The region of Kalos is based on which real life country?
Xatu's SoulSilver Pokedex entry states 'In ___________, it is said that its right eye sees the future and its left eye views the past.' Which continent fills the blank?
Daraha City from Hoopa's movie, 'Hoopa: Clash of Ages' is very reminiscent of which Middle Eastern country?
A Guitarist in the Generation IV Battle Frontier states that his instrument is from which Asian country?
Raichu's FireRed Pokedex entry states '... Careless contact can cause even an ______ elephant to faint.' Which country fills the blank?
Ludicolo's design can be seen as a stereotypical take on people from which North American country?
In Generation I, a scientist in Silph Co mentions that the Tiski branch of the company is in which country?
Delibird's Emerald Pokedex entry states '... There was a famous explorer who managed to scale Mt. Everest thanks to a Delibird sharing its food.' Which countries share Mt Everest?
The regions of Unova and Alola are based on locations from which country?
Which European country was the inspiration behind the setting of Alamos Town from the movie 'The Rise of Darkrai'?
Poliwrath's White Pokedex entry states 'With its extremely tough muscles, it can keep swimming in the _____________ without resting.' Which ocean fills the blank?
The design of Sootopolis City is heavily inspired by which European country?
Golurk's design is very reminiscent of a golem from a Hebrew story known as the Golem of which European city?

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