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Can you complete the four letter word ladder involving Steven Universe inspired words?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Steven's mother
Italy's capital
Glass hemisphere
____ Judy Dench, a noble title
Challenge someone
Clubs, taverns
Works at the Big Donut with Sadie
Take a couple of these round the oval
Cartography tools
Janitor's tools
Sulk, brood
Desire for something to happen
Primary agent in beer
Sides of the pelvis
Fruit centres
Cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.
The Crystal ____
Hint4-Letter Word
Teeth holders
Pistols, rifles
An unpleasant sticky substance
Double storey bed
Son of Mayor Dewey
Hide in wait
Small songbird
Cooking fat
Act superior, or another noble title
To fill or a burden to carry
Sand, silt and clay form this
Frame for making fabric
Circuit, connecting curve
Cage or pen for fowls
Yearly harvest
Black, glossy bird
Expand, increase in size
A colloquial name for alcohol
Steven's father

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