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Katey Segal is the only voice actor or actress to voice a single, main character in the show (and no other minor character). Which character is this? 
On November 9, 2014, Futurama crossed over with which other popular TV cartoon? 
How many years are between the release date of the pilot episode and the last aired episode? 
Name either of the developers of the show. 
After Fox cancelled Futurama, which television network picked the show back up for seasons 5-7? 
Which creatures have replaced rats and pigeons as pests, seen peeking out of mouse holes and pecking at food? 
When Fry finds the larger room behind Bender's apartment, what does Bender call it? 
In episode 5 of this season, we are introduced to this game which replaced baseball due to it being 'too boring'. 
The introduction of the Robot Devil includes a musical interlude featuring the heads of which hip-hop group?  
Which character accidentally becomes emperor of Trisol? 
Lrrr and Ndnd are examples of what race (who are quite fond of the show 'Single Female Lawyer')? 
The last episode of this season parodies Willy Wonka, as the crew take a tour through what brand's factory? 
Which planet is Zapp Brannigan's sworn enemy? 
Who is elected president of Earth? 
On Xmas, who is the only Planet Express crew member to receive a present from Santa? 
Leela finds another cyclops, Alcazar - what special power does this character actually have? 
Finish this line from 'The Bureaucrat Song' - 'I AM BENDER, ____________' 
In the third act of Anthology of Interest, what game does Fry and the Vice Presidential Action Rangers play outside of the universe? 
Kif, Zapp and Fry are sentenced to death by which torturous action? 
The worms in Fry's body help him to play what futuristic instrument? 
What lucky item is the focus of the episode 'The Luck of the Fryish'? 
These sentient body parts attempt to invade Earth but are thwarted by Fry. 
Adlai, a fellow orphan of Leela's, helps her out in his profession as a what? 
Fry learns how to use the gravity-pump to woo Leela - with what does he writes his message? 
In this season, Leela's origins are revealed - what type of creature is she really? 
Fossilised and dug up in the future was Seymour, who was what kind of animal? 
As Fry is being returned to his own time after infiltrating the Infosphere, he manages to utter 'Just remember that ____________ sucks!' What fills the blank? 
What popular sci-fi show is 'Where No Fan Has Gone Before' centred around? 
What is the one thing that is reversed between Universe A and Universe 1? 
Which robot's ears does the Robot Devil give Leela to hear Fry's opera? 
SEASON 5 (The Movies)
What is the name of the leader of the nude aliens who scam Earth? 
The time code on Fry's body is written in which language? 
Yivo lies beyond the Anomaly - with what type of appendage does shkle connect with Earthlings? 
What is the name of the fuel substance produced by Nibblonians that experiences a shortage in the third movie? 
The world of Cornwood in the third movie most often draws parallels with which fictional book series? 
Leo Wong attempts to create the biggest what throughout the solar system? 
What is the name of the collided 'death star' that threatens to censor Earth? 
Which famous historical inventor is revealed to have come from a different planet altogether? 
'The Futurama Theorem', aka 'Keeler's Theorem', established in 'The Prince of Benda' is a proof from which branch of pure mathematics? 
After chasing him through a Tron-like Circuit City, which famous physicist do Fry and URL corner? 
What do the staff of Planet Express create to pay off their mortgage after having their genders swapped? 
'Reincarnation' features segments parodying 1920s cartoons and 1970s anime dubs - what alternate form of media does the third section emulate? 
What unusual headwear does the actor Langdon Cobb sport? 
Neandertals return to Earth from a crevice in the ice at which German celebration? 
Apart from elephant seals and Pinta Island tortoises, what animal is featured in the episode 'Naturama'? 
In 'Forty Percent Leadbelly', Bender finally pursues his dreams of being a famous singer of what genre of music? 
When the show parodied Scooby-Doo, which of the Planet Express staff played the role of Fred? 
What are the last two words of the show, said by Leela in response to Fry asking 'Want to go around again'? 

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