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Can you name the four letter words in this Pokémon themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
1) Fuchsia City's badge ⊖ Essense of being
2) Immoral, offensive
3) Oaf, idiot
4) End of the leg
5) Text style, common on computers
6) Classic Journey song: ____ Stop Believin'
7) Finished, completed
8) Bird of peace
9) ____ [rung 53], catches underwater Pokémon ⊖ Submerge
10) Azalea Town's badge ⊖ Bee's home
11) Own, possess
12) Strong and healthy
13) Long corridor
14) Where the devil lives
15) ____ [rung 53], recovers caught Pokémon ⊖ Recover, mend
16) Lavaridge Town's badge ⊖ Warmth
17) Pork, beef, lamb
18) Drink from fermented honey
19) Fix, repair
20) Mossdeep City's badge ⊖ The place where thoughts are stored
Hint4-Letter Word
21) When you don't want spicy
22) Place of grinding
23) Shopping complex
24) Letters, post
25) Track for trains
26) Sootopolis City's badge ⊖ Falling water
27) Brother of Abel
28) Small monetary unit
29) Wound tightly in rings
30) Oreburgh City's badge ⊖ Carbon rock
31) General name for a young equine
32) Frothy bubbles
33) Shape, composition
34) Golfer's call
35) The hottest of the Pokémon types
36) Cost related penalty
37) Canalave City's badge ⊖ To dig underground
38) Culinary herb, also the flavour of toothpaste
39) Shade of colour
40) Campground shelter
Hint4-Letter Word
41) Head of a baby's bottle
42) Collective, group (sports, usually)
43) Public transportation powered by overhead wires
44) Snip, cut (hair, usually)
45) Striaton City's badge ⊖ Group of three
46) Enthusiastic vigor
47) Edge of hat, top of glass
48) Gloomy, forboding
49) Fine particles of sand or dirt
50) Manner of walking
51) Worms used for fishing
52) Payment made to release a prisoner
53) Containment unit of choice for Pokémon
54) Round seed capsule of plants
55) Nimbasa City's badge ⊖ Paired with a nut
56) Young male horse
57) Famous jazz pianist: Nat King ____
58) Small bay or inlet
59) Interlaced wool to form a fabric
60) Humilau City's badge ⊖ Signal hello with a hand

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