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Landmarks & Geography
This public space dominates most of the riverfront on the south side. 
What bridge, opened in 1940, was previously named Jubilee Bridge and joins Kangaroo Point to Fortitude Valley? 
Travelling along the Brisbane river, what is the name of the primary public ferry transport system of Brisbane? 
What is the name of the highest peak of Brisbane? 
Who is the current Lord Mayor of Brisbane? 
Born in Hamilton, this aviator made the first flight across the Pacific Ocean in 1928. 
This explorer discovered and named the Brisbane River, and has a suburb in Queensland named after him (among other things). 
This Chinese dancer, whose autobiography Mao's Last Dancer was made into a film, is the current artistic director of the Queensland Ballet in Brisbane. 
In 1998, this Queensland born tennis player achieved the first ever (post Open Era) American Summer Slam, winning the Canada Masters, Cincinnati Masters and the US Open. 
What is the name of the Brisbane rugby league club, shared by Denver's NFL team? 
What major sporting event did Brisbane host in 1982? 
Located in Woolloongabba, what is the nickname given to the Brisbane Cricket Ground? 
Non-convict European settlement of the Brisbane region commenced in which year? 
What major disaster occurred in 1893, 1974 and 2011? 
The Battle of Brisbane, occurring in the Second World War, involved troops from Australian forces and which other allied country? 
Brisbane hosted what event in 1988, involving over 35 countries? 
Music and Art
Which Midnight Oil song, named after a theme park on the Gold Coast, laments the loss of several of Brisbane's heritage? 
This band, famous for hits such as 'Stayin' Alive', grew up in Brisbane and experienced early success in Australia before becoming a worldwide phenomenon. 
Since opening in 2006, which museum has jointly hosted the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art with Queensland Art Gallery? 
Which band, reaching no. 1 on the ARIA Singles chart with 'Geronimo', was formed in Brisbane in 2009? 
Fun Facts
Which 2003 live-action sequel of a cartoon franchise adaptation was filmed on location in Brisbane? 
Mian-jin is the Aboriginal name for Brisbane, meaning 'place shaped like a' what? 
What nickname for Brisbane, similar to a city in Nevada, was first used in print in 1996? 
Brisbane was one of the first cities in the world to have what major utility installed (in around 1882)? 

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