Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Nine-to-Nine

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Can you complete the two nine-word word ladders that go from NINE to NINE?

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Ladder 1
The first non-prime odd number after 1. 
Not any, not a one (or a nine). 
You use this to smell. 
Cease to have or retain. 
A body of traditions and knowledge. 
Homophone for nine minus five. 
The hottest of the four classical elements. 
Very thin or narrow. 
The fifth digit after the decimal point in pi. 
Ladder 2
Three squared. 
What's yours is... 
Where money is made. 
A clue, a piece of information. 
To scout out, to search. 
The smallest of the litter. 
An ancient alphabet letter. 
To touch. 
Ninety-nine divided by eleven. 

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