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The birth of Jesus Christ is most commonly
celebrated as a holiday on which day of the year?
The Queen's Birthday holiday falls on many dates,
but what is Queen Elizabeth II's actual birthday?
In honor of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on October
2nd, what types of shops close around India?
The holiday on the 3rd Monday of January in the USA
celebrates which civil rights activist's birthday?
February 6th is a New Zealand holiday celebrating
the signing of which important document?
April 29th was the birthday of which Japanese
Emperor, now celebrated as a public holiday?
The United States federal holiday 'Presidents' Day'
celebrates the birth of which US president?
Kim Jong-Il's birthday is celebrated in North Korea
as the 'Day of the' what?
Celebrating their independence, Sweden, the
Philippines and Samoa all have their national
holidays in which month?
The events of November 5th are recognised each
year on Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes Day), after
which king was spared a large explosion?
What kind of birthday is someone having if they
are as old as the date they were born? (i.e. turning
25 if you are born on the 25th)
What was the most popular boy name of 2015?
(It's postal in reverse?)
Which Ivy League university celebrated its 250th
anniversary in 2014?
For a 5th wedding anniversary, it is best to get
something made out of what material?
A Beddian birthday (when your age matches the last
two digits of your birth year) was named after a
person in what kind of emergency profession?
The Hallmark logo includes what royal item in its
What was the most popular girl name of 2015?
(It's shared with a witchy ambassador?)
In Australia, what is a popular birthday party treat
made with buttered bread and 100s and 1000s?
Larkspur is the (UK) birth flower of which month? 
Which rewards club offers $25 on your birthday
redeemable at select restaurants across the USA,
like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and Rainforest Cafe?
R. Kelly wrote what birthday-themed song? 
At Lesley Gore's party, she'll do what if she wants to? 
Which band had a top 20 hit in the 70s with the
song 'Happy Anniversary' ?
Who wrote 'Happy Birthday' about the civil rights
activist mentioned in the Holiday section?
Prince told us to party like it was what year? 
Which song by 50 Cent features the iconic line,
'Go shawty, it's ya birthday'?
Finish this line from Blur's 'Birthday': 'I don’t like
this day, it makes me feel too _____.'
A very depressing 'Happy Birthday' features on
which comedic musician's 1983 debut album?
Which indie band from the 1980s recorded the
song 'Unhappy Birthday'?
Which Beatles album featured the song 'Birthday'? 
Just For Fun
MISSING WORD: Pin the tail on the ______ 
MISSING WORD: For s/he's a jolly good ______ 
Word ladder rung between PARTS and PARRY 
Word ladder rung between RIFTS and GILTS 
Sporcle celebrated its 10 year anniversary in
which year?
What colour typically refers to someone's 55th
A birthday logic puzzle: The day before yesterday,
I was 22 years old, and next year I will be 25.
What day is my birthday?
How many quizzes must be played on your
Sporcleversary to receive the Happy
Sporcleversary badge?
In Super Paper Mario, cooking a Cake Mix
produces what item?
A common party game involves reducing a large
wrapped object by removing layers of wrapping
paper. What is this game called?
The original Portal game was famous for which
statement involving a birthday related treat?
Bethesda includes a reference to this tasty dessert
in many of its games, most notably in Fallout 3 as
part of a birthday party.
Playing Pokemon Diamond or Pearl on Masuda's
birthday changes Snowpoint City's weather to what?
'Super Mario Bros' celebrated its 30th anniversary
in which year?
To make a cake in Minecraft, you need to surround
an egg with which three other ingredients?
At the start of this SEGA game, the titular character's
birthday is abruptly cut short. What game is it?
Name a Mario Kart 8 track featuring food in the title. 
Rare released what game in celebration of their
30th anniversary?
What language would you be using if you wished
someone 'buon compleanno'?
Name either of the common three letter prefixes that
refer to years, or something that occurs yearly.
What birthday-themed word beginning with 'b' has
two sets of sequential double letters in it?
What is the nominalisation of 'invite'? 
(v.) express a strong desire or hope for something,
especially whilst blowing out candles
What language would you be using if you said
'Туулган күнүң менен! (Tuulgan kününg menen!)'.
'We were all singing happy birthday to her.'
What part of speech is 'singing' in this sentence?
Which birthday-themed word also refers to a verb
What French word for party is also used in English to
refer to a public function, often related to charity
Combine a 'homophone' of a a knighted title with
a 'homophone' for a reward for winning to get
this 'unexpected' result.
What was the song that 'Michael Jackson' sang
for Lisa's birthday on the Simpsons?
In 'Community', which character's 21st birthday is
celebrated in the episode 'Mixology Certification'?
'So Many Birthdays' is an episode of which
Cartoon Network show?
Walter White turns how old in the first episode of
Breaking Bad?
In what show, first aired 2009, did someone redact
all mentions of birthdays in government documents?
Which character from I Love Lucy keeps a box of
chocolates and a birthday card in the closet as an
emergency present?
Which of the Friends main characters never
celebrated a birthday in the show?
Which Spongebob Squarepants character has an
awful birthday turned around when a bunch of
presents arrive for them?
Which television show, first aired in 2006, sang
'Happy Birthday' in German to a fictional Austrian
prince to avoid copyright issues?
Who is thrown two subsequent surprise parties in
How I Met Your Mother, forcing Ted to delay
firing him?
These three elements of the periodic table spell out
This birthstone of August can be found in lavas as
well as meteorites. It is often confused for emerald.
By the pigeon-hole principle, how many people do
you need in a room (considering leap years) to be
guaranteed that at least two people share the
same birthday?
What is the average length of gestation for a human
in weeks?
C25H52, pentacosane, is known by what other name?
(Hint: It's a real cake topper!)
If I added a little copper to my candles, what colour
would their flame be?
What is the name of the chemical reaction that takes
place when heat is applied to amino acids and
reduced sugars?
2016 marks how many years since the passing of
mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz?
What geological structure also refers to a type of
hollowed out cake with a melting chocolate or
ice-cream topping?
What constellation is often associated with those
born between 23rd August and 22nd September?
Movies & Entertainment
In the Pirates of Penzance, Frederic's birthday
makes it difficult for him to escape the servitude
of the pirates. What date is it?
Which Pixar movie opens with a birthday party? 
Which musical links together a series of vignettes
through a character's 35th birthday?
Which critically acclaimed 2014 movie follows the life
of a boy from youth through to late adolescence?
In Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', what type of
birds disrupt Cathy's birthday?
In 2011, this ghoulish musical celebrated its
25th anniversary with a performance at the
Royal Albert Hall.
To what tune did the Three Stooges sing their
birthday song?
Marvel released this movie in their 75th
anniversary year starring a group of misfits.
Whose birthday is celebrated at the start of
What film series is named for the unlucky date its
main character was born on?
In Alice in Wonderland, what term refers to a day
which is not one's date of birth?
Bilbo Baggins celebrates his what birthday in the
first Lord of the Rings book?
What famous Scottish poem has become associated
with New Years?
Harry Dresden is born on which special day?
(Name of the day, not the date it falls on)
Which young adult series started in 2005 features a
woman who hates her own birthday since her love
interest is immortal?
Where do the Baudelaire children find themselves for
Klaus's thirteenth birthday?
Witches and wizards are invited to Hogwarts when
they turn what age?
What is the Westerosi term for a birthday? 
Who wrote the poem 'A Birthday Present', which
opens with 'What is this, behind this veil...'?
Commissioned for the 30th anniversary of
'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' was what book
written by Eion Colfer?

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