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How many Staff work in CAST?
What is Rose W's favourite phrase?
Which of Guled's fingers is double jointed?
What song can Vic not get out of her head?
How do you spell Romoline's surname?
What is Emi's favourite pastime?
Where is Mrs Burns from?
How many siblings does Lucy have?
Which Uni did Daniel go to?
Where is Seeta from?
How many children does Mel have (boys/girls)?
Liz’s son goes to which Barnet school?
What did Zoe study at Uni?
Which Uni did Vanessa go to?
What is Ugo’s surname?
What is Jean’s daughter’s name?
What is Donna’s actual name?
Rose M is from which county in Ireland?
What did Stephen study at Uni?
How old is Agnieszka’s daughter?
How many grand-children does Eileen have?
In which part of London does Trystan live?
What does Toni's son do for a living?
What anniversary did the school celebrate in July 2014?
What does everyone in CAST want to say to you today?

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