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How many holds are in Skyrim?
How many unlockable shouts are in skyrim?
How many main quests are there?
How many fraction's can you join?
Name the first shout you unlock
How many smaller town's are in Whiterun hold?
How many Dwemer ruins are there in Skyrim?
Which Dwemer ruin do you collect the Elder Scroll from?
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Where do you defeat Alduin?
How many words are there for each shout
What year was Skyrim released in the UK
What is the province directly south of Skyrim?
Who imprisoned the Numinex in Dragonsreach?
Complete the phrase: I used to be an adventurer like you...
How many daedric Princes are there?
Name the 4 previous Elder scroll games in order. Use a comma and space inbetween them.

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