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Can you answer the Doctor Who questions and find out if you're a whovian of new who?

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What was the episode title of the first episode of Series 1?
Complete the phrase: 'Are You My...?
In 'The End Of The World'- How many members of the forest of Cheem were there?
Which street was blown up in 'World War Three'?
What was the welsh name for 'Bad Wolf'- mentioned in Boom Town?
In which year did the ninth Doctor meet The Dalek in 'Dalek'?
Which New Companion was introduced in 'The Empty Child'?
What is the home planet of the Slitheen Family?
How Many Episodes Featured In Series 1?
What was the main story arc Of Series 1?
In 'New Earth', which numbered New York were The Doctor and Rose in?
Which Villain returned in the episode 'New Earth'?
Which English monarch featured in 'Tooth And Claw'?
Which Family featured in 'The Idiot's Lantern'?
How many member's of LINDA were there?
What was the title of the episode that followed 'The Impossible Planet'?
How many 'Magna Clamps' were featured in 'Doomsday'?
How Many Members Of The Cult Of Skaro Were There?
Which famous enemy returned in 'Rise Of The ********'?
What was the main story arc of Series 2?
What was the name of the Doctor's series 3 companion?
In Which Year did The Doctor and Martha got to the moon?
What historical figure did The Doctor and Martha visit in 'The *********** Code'?
What was the Building that was being consructed in 'Daleks In Manhattan'?
Which drug killed Everyone in 'Gridlock'?
How many minutes did the spaceship have until it crashed into the sun in series 3?
Which year did John Smith land in during 'Human Nature/The Family Of Blood'?
Who turned out to be The Master in disguise in 'Utopia'?
How many times was The Master shot in 'Last Of The Timelords'?
What was the main story Arc of Series 3?
In Which year did the adipose attack the world?
Who was the Doctor's main Companion in Series 4?
What classic Doctor Who Enemy returned in 'The ******** Stratagem'?
What was the name of the Doctors Daughter?
How many archaeologists went into the library in 'Silence In The Library'?
How many people were in the vehicle in 'Midnight'?
Complete the episode title- 'Turn ****'?
How many planet's vanished in 'The Stolen Earth'?
Which Major Enemy returned in 'The Stolen Earth'?
What was the main story arc of series 4?
How old was Amelia when the Doctor first saw her?
What was the title of the third episode of Series 5?
Who were the enemies in 'The Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone'?
Which City did The Doctor, Amy and Rory visit in episode 6 of series 5?
In 'Amy's Choice'- The 2 places the TARDIS crew were was Leadworth and which other place?
Which famous person did the Doctor And Amy visit in episode 10 of Series 5?
Who was Craigs girlfriend in 'The Lodger'?
Who did River Song pretend to be in 'The Pandorica Opens'?
What enemy was chasing the Doctor, Amy and Rory through the museum in 'The Big Bang'?
What was the main story arc of Series 5?
Who did the Doctor get his wine from during the picnic in 'The Impossible Astronaut'?
Who was the captain of the pirate ship in 'The Curse Of The Black Spot'?
Complete the episode title- 'The ***** Flesh'
What did the TARDIS ask the Doctor to call her in 'The Doctor's Wife'?
Where was the episode 'A Good Man Goes To War' Set?
What year was the episode 'Let's kill Hitler' set?
What was the name of the child who sought help from the Doctor in 'Night Terrors'?
What was in the police officer's room in 'The God Complex'?
At what time did time time freeze in 'The Wedding Of River Song'?
What was the main story arc of series 6?
What did the Doctor keep questioning to Clara on how she got them in 'Asylum Of he Daleks'?
Who officilly owned the spaceship in 'Dinosaurs On A Spaceship'- Before Solomon took it over?
In 'The Power Of Three', what was the name of the UNIT leader?
What was the last line in the episode 'The Angels Take Manhattan'?
In which year did Clara Oswald join the Doctor as his official companion?
What famous enemy returned in 'Cold War'?
What was the ghost called in 'Hide!'?
Complete the Episode title- 'The ******* Horror'
What planet did the Doctor have to visit in 'The Name Of The Doctor'?
What was the main story arc of Series 7?
What was the Title Of The First Episode of Series 8?
What did the Doctor call the Dalek they were put into in 'Into The Dalek'?
What legendary Character did The Doctor and Clara see in 'Robot Of Sherwood'?
What was Danny Pinks first name when he was younger?
What was the name of the bank the Doctor and Clara were ordered to rob in 'Time Heist'?
Complete the enemy phrase 'Problem, Solution, *******'
Who did the Doctor and Clara take with them to the Moon in 'Kill The Moon'?
If you saw the mummy in 'Mummy On The Orient Express', how many seconds did you have to live?
What was the name of the enemy in 'Flatline'?
What did the master call herself throughout series 8?
What was the title of the first Christmas Special?
What was the name of Donna Noble's Groom in 'The Runaway Bride'
What replica ship nearly crashed into Earth in 'Voyage Of The Damned'?
What did the Doctor give Lady Christina at the start of 'Planet Of The Dead'?
What does the Doctor call himself at the end of 'The Waters Of Mars'?
What alien species does the Doctor visit at the beginning of 'The End Of Time Part 1'?
What are the tenth Doctor's final words before he regenerates?
Complete The Episode Title- 'A Christmas *****'
What enemy is re-introduced in the Christmas Special 'The Snowmen'?
What were the last 9 word's the 11th Doctor said before he regenerated?
What day in November did the 50th anniverasary special air?
What was the title of the 50th anniversary special?
Which queen did the Doctor marry in 'The Day Of The Doctor'?
What were the two main enemies in 'The Day Of The Doctor'? Answer with an and inbetween the names of the 2 enemies.
Which Doctor was introduced in 'The Day Of The Doctor'?
Who played as the 1st Doctor?
Who played as the 2nd Doctor?
Who played as the 3rd Doctor?
Who played as the 4th Doctor?
Who played as the 5th Doctor?
Who played as the 6th Doctor?
Who played as the 7th Doctor?
Who played as the 8th Doctor?
Who played as the War Doctor?
Who played as the 9th Doctor?
Who played as the 10th Doctor?
Who played as the 11th Doctor?
Who played as the 12th Doctor?
What was the title of the very first ever episode of Doctor Who?
What is the Home Planet Of The Doctor?

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