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Can you name the english names of the following characters in Case Closed (given in Japanese)?

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Japanese NameEnglish NameDescription
Heiji HattoriShinichi's rival detective from Osaka
(The Black Organization Leader)*See Japanese Name*
Shinichi KudoThe main character
Ai HaibaraConan's classmate who's in the same dilemma
Kogorou MouriRan's father
Ninzaburo ShiratoriThe other officer who works with Meguire and has unrequited feelings towards Miwako
Genta KojimaJunior Detective league, the chubby boy
Yusaku KudoShinichi's father
Mitsuhiko TsuburayaJunior Detective league, the slim boy
'Kaitou Kid'The gentleman thief who employs the use of magic tricks
Jodie SaintemillionRan's English teacher
Ayumi YoshidaJunior Detective League, the girl
Japanese NameEnglish NameDescription
Conan EdogawaShinichi's child form
Wataru TakagiThe officer who works with Meguire and has feelings for Miwako
Sonoko SuzukiRan's best female friend
Kazuha ToyamaHeiji's girlfriend
(The Black Organization Co-Leader)*See Japanese Name*
Eri KisakiRan's mother
Juzo MegureTokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the chubby one
Yukiko KudoShinichi's mother
Sumiko KobayashiConan's teacher
Miwako SatoThe energetic female police officer from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
Ran MouriShinichi's girlfriend
Hiroshi AgasaThe Doctor

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