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Forced Order
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What is pie
If Bob has 69 candies and eats 68 of them, what does Bob have?
Who is the loudest person you know?
I have 156 baseballs, and the length of my house is 69 inches, what is the mass of the sun?
What is a minister's favorite soup?
What is sticky and brown?
When do you go to the dentist?
The bus driver is nick. At the first stop, 256 people got on. On the second stop, 35 people got off and 169 people got on. On the third stop, 45 people got off and 245 people got o
What is an Indian's favorite sweet?
Two chemists walk into a bar. One asks for H20. The other askes for H20 too. What happens to the second one?
What is the answer to the universe?

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