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1960Yul Brynner/Steve McQueen
1961Natalie Wood/George Chakiris
1962Peter O'Toole/Alec Guinness
1963Todd Armstrong/Nancy Kovack
1964Sean Connery/Gert Frobe
1965Julie Andrews/Christopher Plummer
1966Clint Eastwood/Eli Wallach
1967Dustin Hoffman/Anne Bancroft
1968Charlton Heston/Roddy McDowall
1969Michael Caine/Noel Coward
1970Donald Sutherland/Elliot Gould
1971Clint Eastwood/Andrew Robinson
1972Gene Hackman/Ernest Borgnine
1973Ellen Burstyn/Max Von Sydow
1974Cleavon Little/Gene Wilder
1975Roy Scheider/Robert Shaw
1976Sylvester Stallone/Talia Shire
1977Harrison Ford/Mark Hamill
1978Robert De Niro/Christopher Walken
1979John Cleese/Eric Idle
1980Jack Nicholson/Shirley Duvall
1981Harrison Ford/Karen Allen
1982Harrison Ford/Rutger Hauer
1983Al Pacino/Michelle Pfeiffer
1984Arnold Schwarzenegger/Linda Hamilton
1985Sean Astin/Josh Brolin
1986David Bowie/Jennifer Connely
1987Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey
1988Bruce Willis/Alan Rickman
1989Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan
1990Robert De Niro/Ray Liotta
1991Jodie Foster/Anthony Hopkins
1992John Malkovich/Gary Sinise
1993Johnny Depp/Leonardo Di Caprio
1994Woody Harrelson/Juliette Lewis
1995Robert De Niro/Sharon Stone
1996William H. Macy/Frances McDormand
1997Leonardo Di Caprio/Kate Winslet
1998Edward Norton/Edward Furlong
1999Keanu Reeves/Lawrence Fishburne
2000Russell Crowe/Joaquin Phoenix
2001Jake Gyllenhaal/Jena Malone
2002Tobey Maguire/Kirsten Dunst
2003Rowan Atkinson/John Malkovich
2004Will Ferrell/Christina Applegate
2005Keira Knightley/Matthew MacFadyen
2006Hugh Jackman/Patrick Stewart
2007Michael Cera/Jonah Hill
2008Eric Bana/Scarlett Johansson
2009Johnny Depp/Christian Bale
2010Leonardo Di Caprio/Ellen Page
2011Chris Evans/Hugo Weaving
2012Tom Hardy/Shia LeBouef
2013Christian Bale/Amy Adams

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