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1960Anthony Perkins/Vera Miles
1961John Mortimer/Truman Capote
1962Herk Harvey/Candace Hilligoss
1963Rod Taylor/Tippi Hedren
1964Vincent Price/Franca Bettoia
1965Barbara Steele/Helga Line
1966Andre Morell/Jacqueline Pearce
1967Roman Polanski/Sharon Tate
1968Duane Jones/Judith O'Dea
1969Cameron Mitchell/Anne Helm
1970Sandra Dee/Dean Stockwell
1971Vincent Price/Joseph Cotton
1972Peter Cushing/Britt Ekland
1973Linda Blair/Max Von Sydow
1974Gunnar Hansen/Marilyn Burns
1975Roy Schieder/Richard Dreyfuss
1976Gregory Peck/Lee Remick
1977Jessica Harper/Stefania Casini
1978Jamie Lee Curtis/Donald Pleasence
1979Marlot Kidder/James Brolin
1980Ari Lehman/Kevin Bacon
1981David Naughton/Frank Oz
1982Craig T. Nelson/Heather O'Rourke
1983James Woods/Sonja Smits
1984Robert Englund/Johnny Depp
1985Chris Sarandon/William Ragsdale
1986Jeff Goldblum/Geena Davis
1987Doug Bradley/Ashley Laurence
1988Brad Dourif/Chris Sarandon
1989Michael Murphy/Peter Berg
1990Tim Robbins/Elizabeth Pena
1991Anthony Hopkins/Jodie Foster
1992Tony Todd/Virginia Madsen
1993Ron Perlman/Federico Luppi
1994Robert De Niro/Kenneth Branagh
1995Christopher Reeve/Kirstie Alley
1996Courtney Cox/David Arquette
1997Sarah Michelle Geller/Jennifer Love Hewitt
1998Josh Hartnett/Jordana Brewster
1999Heather Donahue/Joshua Leonard
2000Devon Sawa/Ali Larter
2001Jonathan Breck/Gina Philips
2002Naomi Watts/Daveigh Chase
2003Robert Englund/Ken Kirzinger
2004Torin Bell/Danny Glover
2005John Jarratt/Cassandra Magrath
2006Michael Bailey Smith/Emilie De Ravin
2007Katie Featherstone/Micah Sloat
2008Lizzy Caplan/Mike Vogel
2009Alison Lohman/Justin Long
2010Patrick Wilson/Rose Byrne
2011Sharni Vinson/Joe Swanberg
2012Chris Hemsworth/Kristen Connely
2013Vera Farmiga/Patrick Wilson

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