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1960Jack Lemmon/Shirley MacLaine
1961Audrey Hepburn/George Peppard
1962Bob Hope/Bing Crosby
1963Peter Sellers/David Niven
1964Audrey Hepburn/Rex Harrison
1965Natalie Wood/Tony Curtis
1966Michael Caine/Jane Asher
1967Rex Harrison/Anthony Newley
1968Barbra Streisand/Omar Sharif
1969Woody Allen/Janet Margolin
1970Peter Sellers/Goldie Hawn
1971Bud Cort/Ruth Gordon
1972Woody Allen/Diane Keaton
1973Ron Howard/Harrison Ford
1974Gene Wilder/Cleavon Little
1975John Cleese/Michael Palin
1976Richard Pryor/Bill Duke
1977Woody Allen/Diane Keaton
1978Warren Beatty/Julie Christie
1979Steve Martin/Carl Reiner
1980Robert Hays/Leslie Neilsen
1981Burt Reynolds/Jackie Chan
1982Dustin Hoffman/Jessica Lange
1983Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd
1984Christopher Guest/Rob Reiner
1985Josh Brolin/Sean Astin
1986Matthew Broderick/Mia Sara
1987Tom Selleck/Ted Danson
1988Michael Keaton/Winona Ryder
1989Keanu Reeves/Alex Winter
1990Arnold Schwarzenegger/Penelope Ann Miller
1991Billy Crystal/Jack Palance
1992Mike Myers/Dana Carvey
1993Bill Murray/Andie McDowall
1994Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels
1995Jim Carrey/Simon Callow
1996Adam Sandler/Julie Bowen
1997Mike Myers/Elizabeth Hurley
1998Ben Stiller/Cameron Diaz
1999Ron Livingstone/Jennifer Aniston
2000Jim Carrey/Renee Zellweger
2001Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson
2002Nia Vardalos/John Corbett
2003Jack Black/Joan Cusack
2004Will Ferrell/Paul Rudd
2005Steve Carell/Seth Rogen
2006Sasha Baron Cohen/Luenell
2007Simon Pegg/Nick Frost
2008Jack Black/Robert Downey Jr.
2009Zach Galifianakis/Bradley Cooper
2010Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg
2011Bruce Willis/John Malkovich
2012Mark Wahlberg/Mila Kunis
2013Jason Sudiekis/Jennifer Aniston

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