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After the capture of friends from a powerful bounty hunter, characters join together to save them.Main character: Ness
A group of gamers are transported into SSBB to protect the world from villains and menaces.Main character: Samus/Fox-player
A team of officers stop crimes while forcing work upon the lower ranks in order to relax.Main characters: Snake, Captain Falcon, Samus, Fox
In an online server, two users are taken in by a more experienced player to learn how to be stronger after a match showing what they're made of at the time.Main characters: Ike-character, Link-charatcer
A young boy finally arrives to the age where he can enter the world's most popular video game of all time with his friends, allowing him be sent into a virtual world.Main character: Ness/Lucario-character
Warriors throughout space learn of an artifact that is reminiscent of an ancient race, causing conflict. Main characters: Link, Zelda, Fox, Falco, Samus
Rivaling teams fight one another in a world-wide tournament.Main characters: Link, Shadow, etc.
A world spirals into confusion and war due to the battles between two powerful, mysterious beings with minions by their sides.Main characters: Link-character, M.Knight-character, Lucario-character
After the discovery of an artifact, a team of young friends fight to protect their world from a forming evil.Main characters: Ike-character, Marth-character, Zelda-character
Two rival schools, heaven and hell, that were once one become destined to come together once more after a powerful warrior appears and a student transfers schools.Main characters: Zelda-character, Wolf-character
A character known for being a dark villain decides to become 'normal', but doesn't expect that negative reception from his community.Main character: Ganondorf
A group of online Smash Bros. players come together and venture to stop an evil threat that may delete players from the game forever.Main character: Toon Link character
A washed-up smasher enters a fighting tournament and is joined by newcomers to prove their power using various tactics.Main character: C. Falcon
A team of 'true police' work together to solve crimes.Main characters: Alloys
Online Smash Bros. server where the main characters fights n00bs and haxors.Main character: Mario-player
Two oddly-connected friends mystically teleport into another (similar) dimension and cause unimaginably fun chaos.Main characters: Kirby- character and Toon Link-character
A married women deals with her insane reality relating to family, friends, and working.Main character: Peach
An angel from a legacy of heroes is sent to stop a powerful deity.Main character: Pit-character
Two friends cause havoc in their world through epic stupidity.Main characters: Donkey Kong and Yoshi
A weak fighter joins together with others to train and investigate a killing.Main character: Olimar
An angry man receives a letter from an old love asking him to come back to a forgotten home, though things aren't quite as they seem.Main characters: Ike-character, Peach-character, etc.
The story of the SSBB universe, going in detail of the events before and after the Subspace Emissary.Main characters: Various
A thought-to-be-dead hero joins a team to battle an evil cooperation.Main character: Sonic-character
In a Super Smash Bros. Melee server, characters venture out to protect the world from an evil virus clan.Main character: Roy-character
A powerful woman's life becomes intertwined with a mysterious being that vows to protect her when danger comes.Main characters: Zelda-character and Lucario-character
In a school that's anything but normal, young characters live their lives within the SSBB world while getting into mischief and danger.Main character: Toon Link
Referring the CGI-Link, a king joins with a team and sets sail to defeat Ganon.Main character: Ganondorf-character
Four random people become the chess pieces in a game of the master's creation.Main character: Lucas/Link-character
A special society announces a grand tournament marking freedom, where the winner opens a special gate.Main characters: Various
In a world that bases people on their social standings in the 'tier list', characters begin to disappear and only a few remain that can figure out how to save everything.Main characters: Various
Toys with robotic voices play video games as themselves and go on various adventures.Main characters: Luigi, Wario
A powerful villain and an evil clone merge multiple worlds and capture those with strong auras to take control of everything, but are followed by multiple heroes.Main characters: Lucas, Lucario
Coming from another world, multiple look-alike warriors play games and fight villainous threats. Main characters: Toon Link-characters
Various teens are tricked into competing in a reality show for ten million dollars.Main characters: Various
A world where random/sexy events occur causing the characters to do stupid things and go on pointless adventures.Main characters: Link, Kirby, Snake, C. Falcon
The captain of an assassin group is given the mission to kill a women while dealing with his crew and love.Main character: Wolf
A world-wide tournament is announced where the winner gets a wish from their God, leading to fighting, hatred, and unexpected relationships to form among the world's citizens.Main characters: Bowser, Mario, Peach
A special soul is born in an unfamiliar place and begins an adventure with new-found friends.Main character: Lucas
Conflict begins when a new user joins an interesting group with mysterious secrets lingering around it.Main character: Jigglypuff-character
Characters go through various challenges and adventures behind the scenes of Smash Bros.Main characters: Various
A team of four unique individuals team up as a new clan on an online game.Main characters: Lucas-character, Kirby-character, Snake-character, Ganondorf-character
A company that delivers packages gets into mischief.Main characters: Sonic-character, Zelda-character
A world-wide contest begins where teams fight to win the SSB championship causing confusion, forming and breaking relationships, and overall destruction.Main characters: Link, Pit, etc.
A weak warrior learns about his world and the power of the Star-Rod.Main character: Olimar
A world goes turns into chaos after a world-transfer occurs and a bridge and key is found to the root of all worlds.Main characters: Link, Roy, etc.
A has-been celebrity uses the power of an ancient energy source to begin a reality show to help the world regrow.Main character: Fox-character
Confusion begins when one character announces the idea of peace to a world that knows nothing but fighting, resulting in devastation.Main characters: Mario, Link, Kirby, etc.
A group a children are brought to a school with rival houses to improve their 'smashing' abilities.Main characters: Mario, Link, Peach
After the death of an ancestor, the protagonists find a mystic map and search for treasure.Main characters: Ness-character, Lucas-character, Yoshi-character
Six gamers arrive at a convention where they are forced to compete in carious video game worlds where dangers await.Main characters: Fox-character, two Toon Link-characters, Ike-character, Kirby-character, Ness-character

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