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Can you name the Kingdom Hearts Keyblades?

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Game titleKeybladeHow it's obtained
KH1Sora's main Keyblade
KH1found in Hollow Bastion
KH1receive from Cloud
KH1found in Geppetto's house
KH1found in Wonderland
KH1receive from Kairi
KH1lock the Deep Jungle
KH1lock Agrabah
KH1lock Atlantica
KH1lock Halloween Town
KH1lock Neverland
KH1speak to Merlin after learning Lvl 1 spells
KH1win the first three cup tournaments
KH1defeat Leon and Cloud in the Hades cup
KH1receive from Belle
KH1Moogle Shop Synthesis
KH1wielded by Riku while possessed by Ansem
KH1 Final Mixdefeat the Ice Titan in the gold match
KH1 Final Mixdefeat Sephiroth in the platinum match
KH2complete the 100 Acre Wood
KH2defeat Shan-Yu
KH2Master Yen Sid's old keyblade obtained when you obtain Valor Form
KH2gift from the trio of girls in Hollow Bastion
KH2defeat Captain Barbossa
KH2defeat Pete
Game titleKeybladeHow it's obtained
KH2defeat Malicious Program
KH2receive from Hayner, Pence, and Olette
KH2complete Ursula's Revenge
KH2complete Goddess of Fate cup tournament
KH2defeat the Hydra
KH2received when Simba joins the party
KH2defeat Jafar
KH2team up with Axel to defeat the swarm of nobodies
KH2received when Beast rejoins the party
KH2defeat Hades
KH2meet Leon in Ansem's study
KH2defeat the Experiment
KH2received in the Hall of Empty Melodies
KH2Moogle Shop Synthesis
KH2defeat Sephiroth and reveal his location to Cloud
KH2Mickey's Keyblade found in the Realm of Darkness
KH2Riku's Keyblade which transformed from Soul Eater
KH2handed to Kairi by Riku in the Hall of Empty Melodies
KH2 Final Mix+complete the challenges of the Mushroom XIII
KH2 Final Mix+defeat Roxas in front of Memory's Skyscraper
KH2 Final Mix+Keyblade wielded by the Lingering Sentiment in Disney Castle
KH Birth by SleepKeyblade of darkness wielded by Xehanort
KH Birth by SleepKeyblade of light wielded by Eraqus and passed down to Aqua
KH Birth by SleepMaster Aqua's original Keyblade
KH Birth by SleepMaster Aqua's transformed Keyblade
Game titleKeybladeHow it's obtained
KH Birth by Sleepreceived after meeting Kairi in Radiant Garden
KH Birth by Sleepreceived after starting the Final Chapter
KH Birth by SleepMaster Yen Sid's old Keyblade passed on to Mickey
KH Birth by SleepVentus's primary Keyblade
KH Birth by Sleepwielded by Ventus-Vanitas
KH Birth by Sleepreceive after meeting Lea and Isa in Radiant Garden
KH Birth by Sleepreceived after Ventus remembers his forgotten past
KH Birth by SleepVanitas's primary Keyblade
KH Birth by Sleepwielded by Vanitas in the Dive to the Heart battle
KH Birth by SleepTerra's original Keyblade
KH Birth by SleepTerra's transformed Keyblade
KH Birth by SleepTerra's dark Keyblade
KH Birth by SleepTerra's transformed dark Keyblade
KH Birth by Sleepclear Dwarf Woodlands
KH Birth by Sleepclear Castle of Dreams
KH Birth by Sleepclear Enchanted Dominion
KH Birth by Sleepclear all the Rumble Racing courses
KH Birth by Sleepclear Olympus Coliseum
KH Birth by Sleepclear Deep Space
KH Birth by Sleepclear Neverland
KH Birth by Sleepcreate all seven types of ice cream
KH Birth by Sleepwin the Villains' Vendetta challenge in the Mirage Arena
KH Birth by Sleepdefeat Vanitas Remnant
KH Birth by Sleepdefeat the Unknown

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