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Can you name the missing word from movies (and two TV series) by Miike Takashi?

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HintAnswerOriginal Title
___ Attorney
_____ Harp
_____ Zero
Sukiyaki Western: ______
Lesson of the ____
_____: The New Generation
_________ of Honor
The __________ of the Katakuris
____ the Killer
Big Bang Love, ________ A
Salaryman _______
___ Lines
___, a Natural Girl
HintAnswerOriginal Title
_____ Kids!!!
Shinjuku ______
The Bird ______ in China
Visitor _
The Mole Song Undercover Agent _____
________ Triad Society
__ Assassins
________ Max
_______ Fire
The ___ to Fight
The Great ______ War
________ 2: The Counter-Attack of Zebra City
Man, Next Natural Girl ___ Nights in Yokohama

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