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Can you name the Western Cultural or Geographical Locations with the word 'The'?

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Forced Order
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HintAnswer (The + ...)
Infamous and Unfound Serial Killer from 1960s San Francisco, and the namesake of a 2007 film
Country entirely surrounded by Senegal
Sarcastically self-named 'America's Finext News Source'
The home of the President of the United States
Composed of the American Football Conference and National Football Conference
English Rock band from Liverpool
A Book and Film by 'No Country for Old Men' Author Cormac McCarthy
Claims to be the internet's largest bittorrent tracker
ABC Dating Gameshow hosted by Chris Harrison
British Rock Band Responsible for 1993 smash hit 'Dogs of Lust'
HintAnswer (The + ...)
The Name of the Guitarrist of British Rock Band U2
Motown group responsible for 'Ain't too Proud to Beg' and 'I'm Losing You'
An English Definite Article
America's Oldest and Largest Newspaper
Frank Sinatra's Nickname after founding Reprise Records
Country Bordered by Belgium and Germany
Harvard School of Government
Location of the International Court of Justice
Literary and Political Science Review published 10 times a year in Boston
Denzel Washington Movie Released on 15 January, 2010

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