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ability to understand language; embedded in genes according to N.C.
Created the _______ Hypothesis (also known as the linguistic determinism hypothesis: in which language dictates your thinking, culture determines your thinking
convey meaning about the next word
of the words and syntax modeled by others
of sights and things with the sounds of words
smallest discernible sound/segment of speech
principles of syntax; higher level of complexity; semantics
distinctive pattern of speaking in which the child omits function words
child speaks in single words/speak words
we are born with the ability to acquire any language due to something innate in our genes; concept of universal grammar; written language however must be learned
with success, smiles, and hugs when the child says something right
brains have component pieces ready to absorb language
adult speaks in slower and high pitched, repeats themselves
grammar; proper order of words
studied chimps off the coast of Africa. In which one chimp was placed in a cage, given a short stick. On the outside out of reach is a longer stick and some fruit. Since the chimp
child speaks mostly in two-word statements
Proposed idea that humans learn language through association, imitation, and reinforcement
when phonemes form meaning
stage of speech development in which infant spontaneously utters various phonemes

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