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Can you name the Hunger Games Chain?

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The main character
Who tried to drown this character
Who belongs to
Who is picked at the
For the ____ Annual Hunger Games
The main character takes her place instead and they pick the male tribute
Who gave the main character bread when they were younger, earning the title '____________'
He is also good at
People from the capitol are also good at art, kind of like the character who designs Katniss' wardrobe
Who helps the main character make an impression on the country of Panem on this character's show
who interviews the ______
Before they enter the ____
Where they are forced to fight to the ____
to survive, the main character uses a ___________ to drive away/kill the careers that were hunting her down
Which killed
And the main character took _______ from her
Which the main character then used to kill ____ after he killed the main character's ally
whose name was
Whose home district was district ___
Whose male tribute is
Who killed ____ at the feast
who was from district__
Whose male tribute was
Who was killed by _________
Which left the tributes from district 12 attempt suicide together using this poisonus berry
Which they spat out after being ensured that they could both ____

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