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Can you name the TV series by their recurring or minor characters?

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Recurring charactersTV Series
Sue Ann Nivens, Georgette, Chuckles the Clown
Larry, Darryl, other brother Darryl
Taylor Doose, Miss Patty, Babette
Carolyn Appleby, Mrs. Trumbull, Little Ricky
Stanley Zbornak, Miles Webber, Uncle Angelo
Suzuki St. Pierre, Christina McKinney, Henry Grubstick
Goober Pyle, Helen Crump, Floyd the Barber
Pete Ross, Oliver Queen, Lionel Luthor
Dr. Leslie Arzt, Richard Alpert, Bernard Nadler
Stanford Blatch, Aiden Shaw, Bitsy von Muffling
Cockroach, Kenny, Elvin
Jonathan, Dot Com, Toofer
Harry the Hat, Robin Colcord, Lilith
Mr. Haney, Sam Drucker, Arnold the Pig
Lumpy, Larry Mondello, Miss Landers
Nellie Oleson, Jonathan Garvey, Isaiah Edwards
Mr. Carlin, Mr. Peterson, The Peeper
Mayor Adam West, Tricia Takanawa, Quagmire
Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Agnes Skinner
Mr. Garrison, Ike, Butters
Ike Godsey, Baldwin Sisters, Rev. Fordwick
Dr. Seth Hazlitt, Mort Metzger, Harry McGraw
Sidney Freedman, Colonel Flagg, Igor
Newman, Uncle Leo, Babu
Recurring charactersTV Series
Sam the Butcher, Cousin Oliver, Tiger
Rosario, Beverley Leslie, Elliott
Oz, Spike, Riley Finn
King Tut, Egg Head, Aunt Harriet
Heylia, Sanjay, Guillermo
Artie Bucco, Carlo Gervasi, Patsy Parisi
Leon Carp, Nana Mary, Crystal
Mr. Slate, Bamm-Bamm, The Great Gazoo
Gunther, Janice, Ugly Naked Guy
Irene Lorenzo, Stretch Cunningham, Lionel Jefferson
Roseanne Roseannadanna, Mary Katherine Gallagher, Debbie Downer
Midge, Leo, Big Rhonda
Mrs. Landingham, Ainsley Hayes, Admiral Fitzwallace
Jerry Markovic, Lydia Wright, Chuny Marquez
Guinan, Ro Laren, Wesley Crusher
Walter Skinner, Cigarette Smoking Man, G. Arnold
Bulldog, Gil Chesterton, BeBe Glazer
Ling Woo, Corretta Lipp, Nelle Porter
The Log Lady, Blackie O'Reilly, Doc Hayward
Grady, Aunt Esther, Rollo
Arnold, Al Delvecchio, Pinky Tuscadero
Karen McCluskey, Martha Huber, Bob Hunter
Harold J. Krenshaw, Dale the Whale, Dr. Kroger
Dr. Bombay, Uncle Arthur, Louise Tate

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