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Can you name the nicknames for these MLB pitchers?

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Real name (years played)Nickname
William Arthur Cummings (1872-1877)
James Francis Galvin (1875-1892)
Charles Augustus Nichols (1890-1906)
Denton True Young (1890-1911)
George Edward Waddell (1897-1910)
Christopher Mathewson (1900-1916)
Adrian Joss (1902-1910)
Mordecai Brown (1903-1916)
Charles Albert Bender (1903-1925)
Walter Johnson (1907-1927)
James Leslie Vaughn (1908-1921)
Urban Clarence Faber (1914-1933)
Charles Arthur Vance (1915-1935)
Robert Moses Grove (1925-1941)
Jay Hanna Dean (1930-1947)
Emil John Leonard (1933-1953)
Paul Dean (1934-1943)
Bob Feller (1936-1956)
Sal Maglie (1945-1958)
Leroy Robert Paige (1948-1965)
Edward Charles Ford (1950-1967)
Sandy Koufax (1955-1966)
Myron Walter Drabowsky (1956-1972)
Jim Grant (1958-1971)
Sam McDowell (1961-1975)
Johnny Odom (1964-1976)
Phil Niekro (1964-1987)
Jim Hunter (1965-1979)
Jim Palmer (1965-1984)
Frank Edwin McGraw (1965-1984)
Real name (years played)Nickname
Nolan Ryan (1966-1993)
Albert Lyle (1967-1982)
Tom Seaver (1967-1986)
Bill Lee (1969-1982)
Al Hrabosky (1970-1982)
Lee William Capra (1971-1977)
James Rodney Richard (1971-1980)
Rich Gossage (1972-1994)
John Montefusco (1974-1986)
Ron Guidry (1975-1978)
John Candelaria (1975-1993)
Mark Fidrych (1976-1980)
Dennis Martinez (1976-1998)
Jeff Reardon (1977-1994)
Dave Stewart (1978-1995)
Dave Righetti (1979-1995)
Fernando Valenzuela (1980-1997)
George Earl Davis (1982-1994)
Dennis Boyd (1982-1991)
Frank Viola (1982-1996)
Dwight Gooden (1984-2000)
Roger Clemens (1984-2007)
Greg Maddux (1986-2008)
Norm Charlton (1988-2001)
Randy Johnson (1988-2009)
Orlando Hernandez (1998-2007)
Brad Lidge (2002-present)
Felix Hernandez (2005-present)
Tim Lincecum (2007-present)
Daisuke Matsuzaka (2007-present)

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