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Can you name the common word(s) that form two famous duos?

Quiz Updated Oct 21, 2016

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Non DuoWord(s) forming two famous duos
Garfunkel & Schuster
Batman & The Seven Hoods
Hammerstein & Hart
Sam & Busters
Jill & Diane
Clark & Martin
Sluggo & Sid
Ben & Tom
Away & Wide
Mike & Fibber McGee
Decker & Blue
Daniel Webster & Max Devlin
Carry & Tango
Mr. Chicken & Mrs. Muir
Harry & The Lone Ranger
Kathy Lee & Kelly
Non DuoWord(s) forming two famous duos
Clark & Hi
Charlie & Willy Wonka
The Argonauts & The Scorchers
Stream & Track
Minnie & Sylvia
The Muffins and the Vandellas
Clyde & Delaney
Mirrors & Fire
Joon & The Jets
Andy & Andrew
Mad Dog & Hope
Leopold & Allie
Micki & Harold
The Crow and The Hound
Drake & S.A.M.
Peck & Gather

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