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Can you name the Commn Word Duos II?

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Non DuoWord(s) forming two famous duos
Deluca & Jan
Mrs. Jones & My Shadow
Consequences or Dare
Ernest & Beans
Quiet & War
Western & Town
Jake & Little Boy
Find & Hide
Cookies & Honey
Run & Cover
William & Joseph
Nickel & Five
David & Davey
The Deathly Hallows & The Goblet of Fire
Bell & The Giant Peach
Waylon & The Hand Jive
Non DuoWord(s) forming two famous duos
Drop & Rock
Molly & The Mechanics
Lightning and Blood
Spice & Dave
Present Danger & Free
Herb & Cream
Mike & Tina
Easy & Clear
Earth, Wind & Ice
Gums & Nail
Narcissus & The Bunnymen
Mellow & Dandy
Again & Tide
Gordon & The Wolf
Strangers and Sisters
War & The Animals

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