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FriendsTV Series
Melanie, Joy, Victoria & Elka
Sabrina, Morgan, Roxie
Phoebe, Monica & Rachel
Janet & Chrissy
Edith, Louise & Irene
Willow, Buffy & Cordelia
Khadijah, Regine, Max & Synclaire
Whitley, Freddie & Kimberly
Brooke, Peyton & Haley
Fran & Val
Jackie, Crystal & Nancy
Joan, Maya & Lynn
Roz & Daphne
Bette, Alice, Tina & Jenny
Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie & Miranda
Mary Ann & Ginger
Susan, Lynette & Gaby
Rose, Dorothy & Blanche
Charlene, Mary Jo & Julia
Jane, Jo & Allison
Natalie, Blair, Jo & Tootie
Naomi, Adianna & Silver
Flo, Alice & Vera
FriendsTV Series
Donna & Jackie
Peggy & Marcy
Spencer, Hanna, Emily & Aria
Kelly, Lisa & Jessie
Ethel, Lucy & Carolyn
Jules, Ellie & Laurie
Phyllis, Mary & Rhoda
Miley, Lilly & Sarah
Kelly, Andrea, Donna & Brenda
Florida & Wilona
Daphne & Velma
Louise, Helen & Florence
Claudia Joy, Roxy & Denise
Ally, Georgia & Renee
Meredith, Cristina & Izzie
Bee & Clara
Rory, Paris & Lane
Betty & Wilma
Josie, Melody & Valerie
Kelly, Jill & Sabrina
Joey, Jen & Andie
Holly, Tina & Lauren

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