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Wing-back for Liverpool FC and the England national team 2003 to present
Manager of the 1986 World Series champion New York Mets
Tennessee Titans running back and 2009 NFL Offensive Player of the Year
Parent company of Band-Aid and Tylenol
Former Mariners & Diamondbacks pitcher nicknamed 'The Big Unit'
Pioneering English aviatrix who set long-distance records in the 1930s, died during battle in WWII
Legendary mountain man of the American West and basis for the fictional character Jeremiah Johnson
4-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion
L.A. Laker great and Larry Bird rival
Turner Sports broadcaster and host of 'Inside The NBA'
Head Coach of the Super Bowl XXVII & XXVII champion Dallas Cowboys
Cincinnati Bengals Wide receiver now known as Ochocinco
Abe Lincoln's successor
Mayor of London (2008 to present)
U.S. President known for his 'War on Poverty' and Vietnam war escalation
Played the Professor on 'Gilligan's Island'
Disgraced Canadian Olympic Gold medal sprinter born in Jamaica
Hotel chain founder or New York Mets all-star third baseman
US First lady who was born Claudia Alta Taylor
Former NFL receiver and return specialist nicknamed 'White Shoes'
Parent company of Windex, Glade, Ziploc and Raid
Pop-Country singer who had the 1978 hit 'Bluer than Blue' or 4-time Olympic Gold medalist Sprinter
Leading 18th century English author and poet known for his 'A Dictionary of the English Language' and 'London, a Poem'
Washington Senators pitcher with 417 career victories, nicknamed 'The Big Train'
Hall-of-fame NBA guard who played for Sonics, Suns and Celtics
Star of 'Miami Vice' and 'Nash Bridges'
Starred as Carl Winslow on TV's 'Family Matters'
Funk duo who had the hits 'Strawberry Letter # 23' and 'Stomp!'
Vigilante featured in the 'Hellboy' comic book universe
First African-American heavyweight boxing world champion or Pop singer with 2002 hit 'Flake'
1940s & 50s MGM song & dance matinee idol who played the Minstrel on TV's 'Batman'
Former New York Jets wide receiver who was the top overall selection in the 1996 NFL Draft
'Laugh Inn' comedian whose catchphrase was 'Very interesting...'
Succeeded Bon Scott as lead singer of AC/DC
Actor and Pro Wrestler known as The Rock
1960 Olympic Gold medalist in the Decathlon
Leading scorer for the Atlanta Hawks 2005-2010
Legendary blues slide guitarist (1897-1945) of depression-era gospel; hits include 'Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground'
Former NBA point guard & Dallas Mavericks head coach, current NJ Nets head coach
Funk guitarist for The Time who had the 1980s hits 'Crazay' and 'Be Your Man'

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