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Are you as true a Hufflepuff as you think?

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What is the name of Susan Bones's aunt?
How do you access the Hufflepuff Common Room?
What is Ernie Macmillan's patronus?
Name one Hufflepuff family in the Sacred Twenty Eight
Which Hufflepuff student chose to attend Hogwarts over Eaton?
Who was the previous owner of the Hufflepuff Cup before Voldemort?
What was the name of her house elf?
What was the first name of the Hufflepuff student in the DA who shows much criticism towards Harry?
What is the name of the Hufflepuff House Ghost?
Where is the Hufflepuff Common Room beside?
Who is the Head of Hufflepuff House whilst Harry attends Hogwarts?
What subject does this professor teach?
What other animal did JK Rowling consider as the emblem of Hufflepuff?
Which Hufflepuff entered into the Triwizard Tournament?
What is the first name of his father?
Who accompanies Katie Bell back to Hogwarts after she is cursed by the necklace in The Three Broomsticks?
What charms did Helga Hufflepuff specialise in?
Which Metamorphmagus Hufflepuff is a prominent member of the Order of the Phoenix?
What is this member's patronus?
Which Care of Magical Creatures professor is replaced by Hagrid in the Prisoner of Azkaban?

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