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Can you name the bosses that can be defeated by more than one strategy or approach?

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Method 1BossMethod 2
Defeat him in a sniper's duelSet your system's internal clock ahead by one week
Fire approximately 150 missiles into her faceRoll into her stomach in Morph Ball form and drop bombs in it
Defeat its first form, a boss rush followed by a traditional battleCrash the Epoch into it, skipping the first stage completely
Shoot arrows into his eye when it is openHit him in the eye with the boomerang once
Lure him into jumping on the stained glass window in the center of the area several times, causing it to shatter and sending him falling to his deathDefeat him in a regular battle using Alastor and your guns
Whittle the health of the flying tethered part down, causing it to crash into the trainShoot all 8 switches and then shoot the switcher box, causing the train to crash into the supply depot
Switch back and forth between mutliple parties to disable both sides of the Core, then take out the TorsoUse Knights of the Round once
Defeat him in a shootout, dodging his gattling lasers and the Mutants he summonsConvince him the Mutants are sterile
Defeat him in battle without equipping the Holy GlassesDestroy the green orb representing the dark priest controlling him
Defeat the boss before it manages to crush you against the wallRun through the door, either skipping or resetting the fight
Method 1BossMethod 2
Bounce eggs off the walls and over the water to hit it's sensetive damage spot Kill the original enemy with an egg before Kamek has a chance to transform it
Climb the walls and get him to follow you, firing at him as you fallHit him with a single Hadouken
Knife him in the head: the knife's damage is significantly increased in this fightCause enough damage with your guns, and hope you have a few Green Herbs handy
Attack his feet, causing him to collapse to the ground so you can damage himStay on the parapets and tempt him into firing energy lances, hitting him when his giant shield is temporarily out of place
Threaten to commit suicide with the Blade of the ImmortalThreaten to will yourself out of existence by believing it hard enough
Defeat him in a lightsaber and force powers duelCrush him under a falling pillar
Reflect his magic bolts with your swordReflect his magic bolts with the Bug-Catching Net
Defeat him using your Missiles, Super Missiles, and other armamentsDestroy the wall cannons, let him grab you, then fire your Grappling Beam into the sparking remains
Defeat him in a normal battle with the Hero and PhoebeCast Cure on him using the Hero
Hit him with several fireballsJump over or run underneath him and touch the axe, dropping him into lava

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