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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder featuring Final Fantasy characters?

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~ FF1 Class ~ *
Disposable villain
Give a card, in soccer
A gift or blessing
A diving aquatic bird
~ FF2 Character ~
Members of a Zodiac sign
Ambulatory appendages
Tent anchors
1990s fad collectibles
Rover, Spot, and Fido
~ FF3 Character ~ **
'Animal House' party theme
'It takes,' in Spanish
An ancient book
Building topper
A feminine title of rank
To mend, with thread
Yarn, in Old English
An addition or increase
~ FF4 Character ~
'Wright' who makes wagons
The cry of a Banshee
Another word for bucket
'Bearers' of a casket
Quick, light touches
Places in position
An idiot
~ FF5 Character ~ ***
Comes with 'if's and 'and's
Hamburger holders
Sacrificial baseball play
Not straight
'Seasons of Love' musical
To tear asunder
Comprehend written words
A quantity of paper
~ FF6 Character ~
Armor for the head
Tartarus, colloquially
Monty of 'Let's Make a Deal'
To contact by telephone
Thin the herd
A coastal seabird
Mexico has a large one
Rude, disrespectful behavior
Ear garment
Annoy or aggravate
A little fight about nothing
~ FF7 Character ~
'___ _ fine day. (2 words)
City with a famous tower
Bread for a gyro
Deep holes
Rivals might match them
Multiple Wheatons
A painful bruise
Water source
~ FF8 Character ~
A type of swoop
Complete an order
Often found left of 'Edit'
Given up high or down low
European antique car org.
Paper towel brand
~ FF9 Character ~
'I live,' in Spanish
'In ____ veritas'
Famous LA street
Long for a lover
Needles' compatriot
Falters, religiously
Phoenix NBA team
Results of addition
Dessert exclamations
'3:10 to ____'
~ FF10 Character ~
Fishy salad
A catchy melody
Where the heart is
~ FF11 Race ~
Often comes with fortune
Weaken in intensity
Opposite of 'goods'
Playstation 3 media (abbrv.)
Jewish circumcision
Female undergarments
Cereal or muffin type
~ FF12 Character ~
College brotherhood
Demonstration of strength
Often assigned, in school
With 'off,' a farewell
Beach feature
It might march or rock
Gunshot euphemism
~ FF13 Character ~

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