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100In Celcius, the boiling temperature of this substance
99Brand of soap that is 'number-point-44% pure'
98Number of these in the name of a boy band
97Number of bottles of this left after 2 have been taken down and passed around
96U-number of the featured vessel in this 1981 film
95Number associated with the version of this product that introduced the taskbar and the 'Start' button
94Number of the Haydn symphony with this nickname...BOO!
93Number of a flight of this airline that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11
92Maker of the 'banned on the SAT' graphing calculator with this model number
91A variant on this notoriously lonely card game
90In the Great American Pastime, the number of feet between these pieces of equipment
89Sonnet by this author that begins 'Say that thou didst forake me...'
88Speed in MPH needed to achieve time travel in this film series
87President that gave a speech famously starting with this number of years
86Call number of this CONTROL agent
85Total number of these essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison
84Eponymous product of the company whose logo is this number (in white) on a red circle
83Ordinal episode of this TV series that features the family going into witness protection to escape Sideshow Bob
82Is this in relation to the number 6,724
81Number of the one of these that begins 'Sing aloud unto God our strength'
80Number of days it took this literary character to go around the world
79The atomic number of this precious metal
78Number of cards in this type of traditional divinatory deck
77Number associated with the debut album of this 'Burning Down the House' band
76Number of these instruments in a famous song from 'The Music Man'
75Traditional gift for an anniversary of this many years
74Number of wins in his record-setting run on 'Jeopardy!'
73Number of home runs he hit for the Giants in 2001 (steroids or no)
72He say: Tradition hold this is number of my 'worthy disciples'
71Par for amateurs on this golf course known for 'church pew' bunkers and very fast greens
70Par when this event was held at the answer to '71' in 2007 and 1994
69Numerical representation of this eastern religious symbol of balance
68The year (CE) in which this 'fiddling' Roman emperor died
67Opus number of his Symphony No. 5 in C minor
66'Order' which called for the execution of these fictional warriors
65At one point in Louisville, KY, the one bearing this number is 14 lanes wide.
64Amount in thousands of dollars a certain one of these was worth on mid-1950s television
63Numerical designation of a question mark in this encoding scheme (also known for a type of textual 'art')
62The number of points he earned in his final NHL season
61In a quote from Metal Gear Solid 2, item Colonel Campbell says he needs before shouting this number
60Minutes in a famous news program on this TV network
59Number of these consumed in 10 minutes by Joey Chestnut on July 4, 2009
58Number of counties in this 'Golden State'
57Sauce put out by this company, famous for its ketchup
56Total number of signatures on this historic document
55Slang term for this starting hand in Texas Hold 'Em
54NYC borough where this famous 'Studio' is located
53Designated number of this sentient 'Love Bug' Volkswagon
52Number of these items involved in a certain 'pickup' game
51State in which you'll find this famous 'Area'
50Adam Sandler went on this many of these
49Number associated with a football team from this city
48Number of these that homicide detectives famously have to solve a case before the chances diminish
47'Agent' number of the star of this murderous video game series
46Year (BCE) in which this man introduced a new calendar that would bear his name
45Caliber of this company's gun, nicknamed 'The Peacemaker'
44Most famous jersey number of this baseball great with 2,297 career RBIs and 755 career home runs
43Age of this legendary Notre Dame football coach at his death in 1931
42'The answer,' according to this comedy/sci-fi author
41Total number of symphonies by this 'Magic Flute' composer
40According to a popular rhyme, the number of whacks her mother got
39Title of a song on this Queen album
38Number of spaces on this type of wheel, if it has both 0 and 00
37In degrees Celcius, the normal value of this (for humans)
36Traditional number of black keys on one of these
35Traditional gauge of movie film, measured in these units
34In a famous holiday movie, type of event which occurred on this street
33His jersey number, retired by the Boston Celtics in 1993
32Number of degrees colder than freezing water his base reference point was
31Ice cream company famous for having this many flavors
30According to a Rachel Ray TV show title, number of minutes you need to prepare one of these
29Traditional year (CE) of this man's baptism
28Is this in relation to the number 21,592
27As of 2010, the total number of times this document has been ammended
26Approximate number of miles between Athens and this Greek town
25Name of a Greatest Hits collection by this 'I Want Your Sex' artist
24Main character in the TV series with this numerical title
23Number of pairs of these genetic structures that the average human has
22Number prominently featured in the title of this satirical author's best known work
21Road associated with this number in the title of a TV crime drama
20Sides on a type of die commonly used in this Gygax/Arneson creation
19Number of importance in this author's 'Dark Tower' series
18Jersey worn by this Indianapolis Colts quarterback
17The Humbug's standard answer to all math problems in this Norton Juster book
16Colloquial number of these in video game consoles such as the Super Nintendo and the Genesis
15Number of these that everyone will eventually have, according to Andy Warhol
14Number of points outlined by this president in the aftermath of WWI
13Number of items in this person's 'dozen'
12Number of these in a famous 1957 film (Henry Fonda is #8)
11Alphabetically first (by last name) member of the Apollo mission with this number
10Number of these Godly attributes in the Kabbalah (Final Fantasy 7 fans, pay attention!)
9Number of these servants of Sauron in 'The Lord of the Rings'
8Ordinal number of this president, whose gang of 'boys' appeared in a Seinfeld episode
7Total number of these, including gluttony and wrath
6Number of 'Degrees of Inner Turbulence' in an album by this oneirological band
5Number of these that 'thy father lies' in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'
4Number of years in this period between, for example, Barcelona and Atlanta, or Athens and Beijing
3Slang term for accomplishing something (such as scoring a goal in hockey) this number of times
2The smallest and only even example of this type of number
1In degrees Kelvin, just barely above this theoretical coldest temperature

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