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Contestant's Goal Game Show % Correct
Given the letters RSTLNE, and a small selection more of your choosing, solve the puzzle within 10 seconds.Wheel of Fortune
Working with one other team member, score 200 or more points by giving the most popular answers to 5 survey questions.Family Feud / Family Fortunes
Bid closer to the actual retail price of your prize package than your opponent, without going over.The Price is Right
Give up everything that you have won so far to choose between Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3.Let's Make a Deal
Correctly answer questions in 5 consecutive squares, without accumulating 3 strikes.Jeopardy! (1978-79 version)
Working with a celebrity partner, and using only lists of examples, convey 6 subjects or categories within 60 seconds.(The $x) Pyramid
Correctly identify seven songs within 30 seconds.Name That Tune
Solve as many 5-letter words as possible, thus earning chances to draw numbered balls in hopes of completing a row on a final game board.Lingo
Working with your partner, complete all 8 obstacles within 60 seconds, being sure to grab and pass the flag at the end of each.Double Dare
Correctly give one of the three most popular answers from a poll of a previous audience, then give the exact same answer as one celebrity.Match Game
Risk all your current winnings on a single question involving a video clue, with the chance of doubling your money.Cash Cab
With your partner, follow a series of three rhyming product-oriented clues through the grocery store, grabbing the correct final product (and money) within 60 seconds.Supermarket Sweep
Correctly place 7 (later 8) markers by selected geographical locations on a giant floor map within 45 seconds.Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Contestant's Goal Game Show % Correct
Accomplish the show's titular goal: given a set of 10 general knowledge trivia questions, answer more correctly than the host does.Win Ben Stein's Money
Given a set amount of money at the outset, bet various amounts on whether 7 successive cards will be higher or lower than the previous, without going bust.Card Sharks
Stump the panel of four blindfolded celebrities, preventing them from figuring out your own well-known identity.What's My Line?
Working with your partner, find a safe path to the historical object and escape the eponymous location within 3 minutes.Legends of the Hidden Temple
On successive spins of the slot machine, earn $1000 without landing on the Devil.The Joker's Wild
Choosing letters one at a time, and given crossword-style clues, solve two words within 10 seconds.Scrabble
Working with a celebrity partner, convey 10 one-word clues beginning with 10 successive letters of the alphabet within 60 seconds.Password Plus / Super Password
Answer as many TV trivia questions as possible from a set of 10, and hope you stop spinning with your head pointing to TV set displaying 'Grand Prize.'Remote Control
Working with your partner in front of a bluescreen, beat three levels and defeat Merlock, Mongo, or Scorchia within 60 seconds.Nick Arcade
Given the initials of the correct answers, form a path of correct answers across the game board, from gold to gold.Blockbusters
Clear the numbers 1-9 (either individually or in combinations) through successive rolls of a pair of dice, without rolling a number that cannot be cleared.High Rollers
Working with your partner and within 90 seconds, tear apart six successive rooms in the house to locate clues indicating which room to go to next.Finders Keepers

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