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Can you name the before and after answers from the descriptions of the plot of the resultant work?

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Combined PlotTitleCollaborating Authors
An African-American man who killed the two white racists who raped his daughter defends an African-American man accused of raping a white woman.John Grisham, Harper Lee
A red-dress-clad sex slave in the oppressive religious society of Gilead goes to a far, far better rest when she is willfully executed in the place of someone else. *Margaret Atwood, Charles Dickens
Kira Argounova, whose family has lost everything in the Russian Revolution, abandons her brother Elyot and moves to Spain after her lover is killed there.Ayn Rand, Patrick White
A telepathic boy born at the exact moment that India achieves independence becomes possessed by the spirit and memories of his grandfather, Baron Harkonnen.Salman Rushdie, Frank Herbert
A young girl with a habit of recording her thoughts in a secret notebook begins writing down falsehoods about Mundt, an East German assassin, in an attempt to get him executed.Louise Fitzhugh, John le Carré
An Epicurean philosopher attempts to explain, through poetry, the motivations of Okonkwo, a champion Nigerian wrestler.Lucretius, Chinua Achebe
Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of time traveller Billy Pilgrim, organizing his list of suspects by using a foot-related nursery rhyme.Kurt Vonnegut, Agatha Christie
A young woman living in British Malaya during World War II moves to Australia, where she falls down a rabbit hole and plays croquet using a flamingo.Nevil Shute, Lewis Carroll
Yevgeny Bazarov, a medical student who rejects his father's rural Orthodoxy, becomes psychologically chained to his mother after her first son dies and he contracts pneumonia.Ivan Turgenev, D.H. Lawrence
A Southern woman buries her dead brother in defiance of law, and is sentenced by Rhett's father to be walled up in Tara; Rhett commits suicide.Sophocles, Margaret Mitchell
Walter Bidlake, Philip Quarles, and Maurice Spandrell find their fates interwoven as they each become swept up in the intrigue surrounding an extraterrestrial Arctic meteorite.Dan Brown, Aldous Huxley
A young man raised by Martians returns to Earth, where he refuses to cry when his mother dies, and is executed for killing an Arab man in Algiers.Albert Camus, Robert Heinlein
Sherlock Holmes investigates the case of an impoverished Indian waiter who wins big on a popular TV game show by giving the answer 'rache.'Vikas Swarup, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
A psychoanalytical approach to the study of culture is examined through a metaphor involving a barnyard ruled by a pig.Weston LaBarre, George Orwell
Damon Wildeve rapes and kills his wife Thomasin after accidentally killing Eustacia Vye (who is identified by her earrings), and is captured after fleeing across Chicago rooftops.Thomas Hardy, Richard Wright

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