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Can you name the two-word terms, titles, names, and phrases that start with the same letter?

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'Twelve-step' organizationAA
Ring-winning relative of FrodoBB
Kentucky-built GM sports carCC
Things 'done dirt cheap' by AC/DCDD
Reagan's moniker for the USSR EE
Flagship Square-Enix seriesFF
Charlie Brown's favorite exclamationGG
Jane Addams' Chicago settlementHH
Border Patrol targetII
'Peoples Temple' cult leaderJJ
Ignatz Mouse nemesisKK
Blunder-prone Dallas CowboyLL
Judith Martin's 'polite' pseudonymMM
1990s Internet Explorer alternativeNN
Normandy invasion's code nameOO
Recurring alcoholic Jeopardy! subjectPP
Common waterfowl vocalizationQQ
Maligned British three-wheeled carRR
Had a serious crush on Lily PotterSS
Chaotic, disorganized, or upside-downTT
Terry Pratchett's wizardry schoolUU
In the other possible arrangementVV
Jim McKay's ABC Sports domainWW
A double Greek letterXX
Sisterhood with divine secretsYY
Jerky, back-and-forth, linear patternZZ
Played Hawkeye on 'M*A*S*H'AA
Cadaver pouchBB
Fluffy spun-sugar confectionCC
Watercraft maintenance locationDD
Belarus and Latvia geographic regionEE
'Icy' John Woo clichéFF
Voice of Iago in 'Aladdin'GG
Celebratory time of cheap drinksHH
Type of Drive in the 'Heart of Gold'II
Hopping aerobic exerciseJJ
Chain known for hot glazed donutsKK
Heated wax in a tall water-filled tubeLL
Musical featuring songs by ABBAMM
Johnson of 'Guys and Dolls' fameNN
Heavy metal's 'Prince of Darkness'OO
Released Barabbas instead of JesusPP
Rapid interrogatoryQQ
Cyclist's skin abrasionRR
ESP, for exampleSS
Beast Boy, Nightwing, et al.TT
Religion without a common creedUU
John Travolta's 'Pulp Fiction' roleVV
City in southeastern Washington stateWW
'Sent Down Girl' in Chinese filmXX
Balanced Eastern religious symbolYY
Mazda commercial whisperZZ

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