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Can you name the significant people, places, and events of 1983?

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This Department of Defense network begins exclusively using TCP/IP protocols, effectively launching the modern InternetJanuary 1
This legendary college football icon dies just a month after coaching the Crimson Tide for the last timeJanuary 26
On Ash Wednesday, out-of-control bushfires in this country claim the lives of 75 peopleFebruary 16
Over 100 million viewers tune in as this television series concludes with 'Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen'February 28
Scandalized by claims that the billion-dollar Superfund meant for toxic waste cleanup was mismanaged, Anne Gorsuch resigns as head of this agencyMarch 9
In one of college basketball's iconic plays, this team upsets Houston to win the NCAA championship with a last second dunkApril 4
'Good Morning, Mickey!' leads off this network's first day on the airApril 18
During a televised performance of 'Billie Jean,' Michael Jackson unleashes this signature move for the first timeMay 16
In 'Science,' French doctors announce a revolutionary medical discovery in the article 'Isolation of a T-lymphotropic retrovirus from a patient at risk for...' this diseaseMay 20
This film's release is timed to coincide with the date on which its prequel first hit theaters in 1977May 25
18 years after his death, T.S. Eliot wins the 'Best Book of a Musical' Tony Award for this Andrew Lloyd Weber showJune 5
In the U.K., this Prime Minister is reelected in a landslide victoryJune 9
The shuttle Challenger lifts off, taking this first female U.S. Astronaut into space for the first timeJune 18
This company releases its 'Family Computer' (or 'Famicom') in JapanJuly 15
Dick Smith of Australia becomes the first person to fly solo around the world in this type of vehicleJuly 22
Hurricane Alicia comes ashore, becoming the first storm to cause over $1 billion worth of damage to this stateAugust 18
Flight 007 of this civilian arline is shot down when it enters Soviet airspace; 269 perishSeptember 1
He debuts behind the anchor's desk on ABC's 'World News Tonight,' leading off with coverage of Flight 007September 5
She loses a grand total of 0 sets on her way to her first U.S. Open Women's Singles ChampionshipSeptember 10
Microsoft releases the first commercial version of this eventual 'Office' mainstayOctober 25
The controversial 'Operation Urgent Fury' takes U.S. troops ashore on this Caribbean island nationOctober 25
Ronald Reagan signs the bill creating this annual January federal holidayNovember 2
On Thanksgiving Day, this PBS children's TV show airs a landmark episode that deals with the death of Mr. HooperNovember 24
Raúl Alfonsín becomes President of this nation, ending the seven-year rule of 'La última junta'December 10
He meets with Mehmet Ali Ağca, his would-be assassin, and forgives himDecember 27

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