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HealthyFood Item
Comes In Two Different Colors, Small, & Yummy . Some Have Seeds, Some Don't
Looks Like A Bush But Taste Way Better
The Size Of A Softball That Contains Juicey Seeds On The Inside
A Long Stiff Half Pipe That Is Delicous With Ranch Dressing
A Nice Citrus Fruit With Its Own Juice
Nice and Orange . Good For Eyesight
Come In Three Different Colors With A Tough Skin
At Every Restaurants . The Food That You Can Add Anything To With A Dressing
A Sour & Eye Twitching Taste
A Green Head That Can Be Cooked & Made Into A Soup
HealthyFood Item
Recall Answer 9 . A Smaller Version & Different Color With The Same Effects
A Small Spherical Seed/Vegetable With A Name That Lies About It
A Large Round Friut With A Green Interior
A Purple Emoji With A Green Head
A Friut With A Sweet Orange Flesh & A Tough Tanned Skin
Makes You Cry When You Cut Into Them
Tropical Friut That Can Be Transformed Into A Yummy Smoothie
The Root That Goes AWESOMELY With Burgers
Exotic Fruit That People Put On Pizza
The Jolly Green Giant Carries It & It Pairs Well With Salmon

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