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First NameLast NameHints
LindaFirst wife of D.W. Griffith
DorothyBig star around 1908. Last name is also a popular boys name from the 1910s.
KatePlayed matronly roles for Griffith for years
MiriamPlayed the 'Friendless One' in Griffith's 'Intolerance'
JosephinePlayed a mother in Griffith's 'The Birth of A Nation'
GraceLater starred in several successful serials
DorothyWife of matinee idol, Wallace Reid
AdeleOne of the first child stars
FloraWas the comedy foil for John Bunny in several shorts of the 1910s
DorothyFamous silent film comedienne. Starred in 'Nell Gwynn.'
LillianGriffith's biggest star! She acted from 1912-1987; at one time appearing in the Guiness Book of Records.
GraceRegal Griffith actress, who was also a hit in England
FlorenceBeauty who later starred in serials, before dying at 29 from injuries sustained in a car accident in 1917
First NameLast NameHints
FlorenceThe first film star to be known by name
JenniePopular for appearing for Griffith in blackface
MarionBig star during the first few years of film. Last name is also that of a former champion boxer.
ClaireSupporting player in such films as 'The Female of the Species'
JeannieLater became a notable screenwriter
MaeOne of Griffith's greatest stars! Known for her raw facial emotion onscreen
MargueriteSister of the actress above
VioletHer and sister, Claire, were among the first sibling stars of film
MabelPopular comedienne who later appeared with Fatty Arbuckle and The Keystone Kops before dying in 1930 of tuberculosis
MaryThe greatest silent film star of all-time
GertrudeStar around 1911. Last name is also that of a former champion boxer.
BlancheStar for many years. Known for her performances in 'The Lonedale Operator' and 'Anna Christie'

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