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LetterAnswerActor (Movie)
A1Mike Myers (Title)
B1Michael Keaton (Title)
C1Christopher Lee (Title)
D1James Earl Jones (voice) (Star Wars)
E1Sigourney Weaver (Alien)
F1Tom Hanks (Title)
G1Ian Mckellen (Lord of the rings/Hobbit)
H1Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the lambs)
IMandy Patinkin (Princess bride)
J1Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean)
K1Orson Welles (Title)
L1Mark Hammil (Star Wars)
M1Russel Crowe (Gladiator)
N1Anthony Perkins (Psycho)
O1Ewan McGregor (Star Wars)
P1Bill Murray (Ghostbusters)
Q Peter Burton (007)
R1Sylvester Stallone (Title)
S1Sean Astin (Lord of the rings)
T1Brad Pitt (Fight club)
U1Zoe Saldana (Star Trek)
V1Marlon Brando/Robert de Niro (Godfather)
W1Gene Wilder/Johnny Depp (Chocolate factory)
X1Rodrigo Santoro (300)
Y1Dan Aykroyd (voice) (Title)
Z1Rowan Atkinson (voice) (Lion King)
LetterAnswerActor (Movie)
A2Gregory Peck (To kill a mockingbird)
B2Charleton Heston (Title)
C2Chris Evans (Title/Avengers)
D2Peter Sellers (Title)
E2Johnny Depp (Title)
F2Elijah Wood (Lord of the rings/Hobbit)
G2Andy Serkis (Lord of the rings/Hobbit)
H2Daniel Radcliffe (Title)
I2Harrison Ford (Title)
J2Connery/Moore/Lazenby/Dalton/Brosnan/Craig (007)
K2Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games)
L2Tom Hiddleston (Thor/Avengers)
M2Michael J. Fox (Back to the future)
N2Keanu Reeves (Matrix)
O2Peter Cullen (voice) (Transformers)
P2Christian Bale (American psycho)
R2Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca)
S2Linda Hamilton/Lena Headey/Emilia Clarke (Terminator)
T2Al Pacino (Scarface)
U2Pat Carroll (voice) (Little Mermaid)
V2John Travolta (Pulp Fiction)
W2John Goodman (Big Lebowski)
X2Vin Diesel (XXX)
Y2Frank Oz (Star Wars)
Z2Antonio Banderas (Title)

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