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A cautionary tale, a bit lighthearted but expresses the a nice sentiment. Three Dog Night
Although you probably didn't turn twenty-one in prison doing life without parole, chances are you did some things your mother taught you not to do. Merle Haggard
If your mother is a baby boomer, she'll know this onePaul Simon
This one covers a popular subject: discovering that your mother is a person too, who had a life before she had ever heard of you. Clay Walker
This is a fun song that was a hit for at least two groups. We could equate it to 'Surrender,' but mostly it's included because the name Mama is in the title.Loggins and Messina
No matter what you do, these two will always love you.Confederate Railroad
Thanks be to Mom for loving us through the hard times!The Shirelles
'If she leaves us alone We could have a happy home'Huey Lewis & The News
'Let's all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before your mother was born'Beatles
From the film 'Lucky Boy' (1929)Bette Midler, Tom Jones, Soprano Summit , many ohters
The video for this song shows the girls as young children playing and dancing as if they grew up together.The Spice Girls
Also done by Elvis, The Bee Gees and The Beatles.Boyz II Men
Kanye West dedicated this song to his mother, who was his producer until her death in 2007Kanye West
The original version of this song was sung in 1952 around the holidays.Jimmy Boyd
'The plan is ta show ya that I understand. You are appreciated.'2Pac

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