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Forced Order
Also try: Candy Bonanza
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Asian and Jason Dolley
Boston Strong White
Stone that gets wet
Otherwise known as Trish
New RA
Irish with glasses
Boston Strong Indian
Rhymes with Stitch
From 711
Goes by His Last name Carty
707 Finance
Julie and Anna
'You just hate to see that golfer'
Blonde Short Hair
Has had 3 different roomates
Short, Always wears beanie, A.E.Pie
Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.
Werdna spelled backwards
From Philadelphia and runs long distance another is really tall
Nets Hat
One is Jewish, Other has high-pitched voice
Drummer boy
He left us for an internship
Funniest Laugh
Just turned Asian last summer
Roommates With Swift
T.K.E. brother, other wears shorts all the time
She'll give you a boner (bonner)
Long Islander
Her parents are bakers
Loves Pizza and only pizza
'Prove It'
Lancaster Farmer
'Catch you later yeah?'
Broke nose in fight
Tennis Player and Violinist
Fire Extinguisher
Brown Mamba
Only Fox LLC member in her room
___________ Swift
Todd Abboud
Had Dylan as a roommate
Always wearing varsity jacket
Rooms with Kishan and Kasey
Crew Athlete

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